Green Frog Pops Recipe

Trying to get your kids to eat a bowl full of greens might not be a reality for you. But getting them to eat a popsicle, probably is!  We believe that offering your kids fruits and vegetables in a variety of ways, using a variety of preparation methods is the most effective way to get them to eat lots of different fruits and vegetables.  This Green Frog Pops Recipe is a great way to offer kids not only spinach, but other fruits along with it in a really fun way!

Green Frog Pops Recipe. We love hiding the vegetables in these yummy Green Frog Pops!

To make these you will need 4 ingredients, a blender, and popsicle molds.  We love our Zoku pop molds because you can make popsicles in 7 minutes, start to finish!  We also love the mini pop molds because they are the perfect size for a toddler.  Any popsicle mold will work great though.  Our ingredients for this popsicle are spinach, banana, frozen mango, and coconut water.  The combination makes these super sweet, packed with nutrition,  and bright green!  Blend together until smooth, and then pour into your molds.  Freeze and enjoy!

Green Frog Pops Recipe. We love hiding the vegetables in these yummy Green Frog Pops!

Sometimes you don’t know if your kids will like the things you make.  My kids (including our neighbor friend) loved these! When my kids have friends over playing, they become my test subjects 🙂 They asked what was in them and I told them, and they weren’t even phased.  I told them I was making Frog Pops and they were super excited to try them just because of the name.

Green Frog Pops Recipe. We love hiding the vegetables in these yummy Green Frog Pops!


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Green Frog Pops Recipe

Green Frog Pops Recipe
Serves: 8 popsicles
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2-3 cups fresh baby spinach
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup coconut water
Blender together until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Enjoy!
written by
Natalie Monson

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Stephanie says:

Would love to try this recipe but I can not use coconut water-allergies. What would you suggest to replace it with-could I just use water would it still taste ok. I think my kids would love this especially the 16 month old who is getting 4-5 teeth in right now:(

Karla says:

Maybe aloe water

Erin says:

I make the exact same smoothie all the time and just use regular water. It is still very tasty! The coconut water just adds a little bit of sweetness, but with the mango and banana in there too you don’t need it 🙂

Mandy says:

Substitution for mangos please!!! Highly allergic!

Mandy says:

Substitution for mangos please!!! Highly allergic!

priyanka says:

You can use papaya instead of mango…still taste the same…

Erin says:

I’ve substituted different milks and yogurt in the Popsicles I’ve made so far. Almond milk went over well as did plain Greek yogurt. Those pops seemed to be a bit thicker and hold together well….

Andrea says:

following, we are also allergic to coconut and would like an alternative???

Lee says:

How about almond milk?

Shelley says:

I want to try it with vanilla almond milk in place of the coconut water..I’m sure it would still taste amazing! What a great idea! says:

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Elizabeth says:

Mandy – we are allergic to mangoes (and coconut) so I’m going to make these using apple juice for the coconut water and peaches for the mango.

taysha says:

Following.. would like ideas on this also!

Jocelyn says:

I don’t have mango on hand so I’m trying watermelon with it!

Cidmo says:

Use pineapple juice instead of coconut milk, they’re amazing

Heather says:

This looks great! Does anyone have a good banana substitution? Banana allergy here. I am considering either leaving it out all together, or substituting with avocado.

Diane says:

Help! Hate banana, what else can I use as assuming the banana adds the ‘creaminess’?

Natalie says:

You can definitely just use plain water. It still tastes delicious!

Natalie says:

Definitely just use plain water if you can’t have the coconut. Your toddler will love it! My baby is getting his first tooth and he loved it!

Natalie says:

You can use pineapple and it will work great!

Mandy says:

Thank you for the suggestions!!!!! I’m going to try it with the substitutions!! 🙂

Nell says:

Allergic to banana. Sub?

Sexy Body says:

wow .. that’s yummy … 🙂

Melina says:

I tried with almond milk and threw in some frozen pineapple … And I did as a smoothie, tasted good go me and I’m NOT a veggie water but am trying to get my daughter to be a more balanced eater than me!

Emily says:

Can you use frozen baby spinach?

Emily says:

Allergic to bananas. Is there anything we can use as a replacement?

Harold and Karen Salmon says:

Recipe sounds good for just something good and healthy! Glad I can be on facebook

Harold Salmon says:

Sounds good! Hi it’s me Karen! Nice to be in touch!

Heather says:

I posted this same thing, but for some reason it isn’t showing up. I am also allergic to bananas. I am going to try avocado. They are closely related though, so if your banana allergy is severe, I would probably not do it.

Kristen Rossi says:

I make ones similar to these for me and my son! Yummo! You can also use very vanilla soymilk as a substitute for coconut water and it makes a tasty and creamy replacement

Teri says:

I just want to write and say THANK YOU SO MUCH! My 15 month old is badly teething and going through a fussy eating phase of not wanting any fruit or veg. I made these pops today and he couldn’t get enough of them! I used pineapple juice mixed with water and am going to play around with different fruit and veg. YOU ARE MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON!

Jenny says:

Hi, i have one question about the spinach. Many ppl say we should cook spinach to remove oxalic acid. But i see many of your recipes using raw spinach. Can toddlers eat raw spinach?

kelly says:

did you pics get photoshoped to get that green? sorry if this is a silly question but mine were quite dark and less appealing to look at! they tasted good tho

Joanna says:

I love these substitutions! Super easy and they sound delicious, too. Thanks!

Natalie says:

Yep. I use it all the time.

Natalie says:

Heather and Emily – The banana acts as a sweetener and also a creamy component. You can try adding a different frozen fruit, or silken tofu with a sweetener like dates.

Natalie says:

Ha!! Glad we could help – these really are the best 🙂 My teething toddler loves them too right now.

Jo Mckenna says:

Hi! I made these yesterday and this morning my Sons wanted to see them and they love them! We live in Australia and we wake up early so at 6am they were wanting to eat them! I’m loving your recipes!!! Thank you so much – I’m going to share them with my Brother and his two girls this morning at the beach 🙂 x

Mrinal says:

Can I substitute avocado for spinach ?? I don’t mix my fruits & vegetables ??

Rachel F says:

I made this today! They didn’t have frozen mangoes so I used frozen peaches instead. I also used 2 bananas instead of one. I added a touch more coconut water because I didn’t want to overwork my blender. The pops came out fantastic and it’s amazing as a smoothie as well.

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