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Should You Buy Fitness Trackers for Your Kids?


The fitness tracker trend is in full swing. But are they right for kids? Learn why you might want to measure kids’ activity levels–and when you shouldn’t.

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Seeing fitness trackers everywhere? That’s no surprise. Between 20-40% of American adults use “wearable fitness devices” or fitness trackers, and the trend is expanding to include kids, too.

Fitness trackers promise a world of ease and progress in physical fitness. They help us make incremental improvements, nudge ourselves to be active, and celebrate personal bests.

But when you watch your eight-your-old bounding across the back yard with his friends, you might struggle to see how the fitness tracker mentality applies to kids. Do you want your kids to enter into the tech-heavy world of fitness tracking? Or is it better for them to play and move free of devices?

Read on to learn why and when you might choose to let your kids use fitness trackers… and the specific circumstances your kids might be better off without them.

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When to Say “Yes” to Fitness Trackers for Kids

If you’re on the fence about buying your kids a fitness tracker, take a close look at your individual child and your shared motivations for wanting a fitness tracker. Consider a tracker if one or more of these circumstances rings true:

  • When it’s just for fun. Healthy, active kids might like to turn fitness trackers into game time. Let them run, jump, tumble, and play, and rack up “points” on their trackers.
  • When you need track your kids’ activity levels for medical reasons. Kids with medical conditions as diverse as diabetes to ADHD might benefit from using fitness trackers. Think of trackers as a tool to help you better understand symptoms and promote wellness.
  • When your teen athlete is working toward specific fitness goals. Fitness trackers can help teen athletes improve their performance at a healthy pace.
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When to Say “No” to Fitness Trackers for Kids

Wearable devices don’t automatically help your kids, and they might even carry the potential for harm. Here are four times a fitness tracker probably isn’t right for your kids.

  • Your kid doesn’t want to wear one. If a fitness tracker feels like an obligation, your child might come to feel negatively toward physical activity–the opposite of what you’re aiming for!
  • You’re concerned that your child is focusing too strictly on health. If you start to notice what appears to be an excessive focus on exercise and/or regimented eating habits, a fitness tracker probably isn’t appropriate. In this case, please reach out to your family doctor or pediatrician with your concerns.
  • You’re having a low-tech moment. Technology abounds in our environment, and going without it can feel like a breath of fresh air for you and your kids. If you want your kids to tune in to their surroundings on the trail, for example, leave the fitness trackers at home.
  • You want to foster a love of physical activity for its own sake. One of the biggest benefits of physical activity and exercise is that it makes us feel good. Period. If you want to foster a love of movement and play, you might choose to forgo the system of competition and reward that’s inherent in kids’ fitness trackers.
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The Bottom Line

Fitness trackers can be fun for kids, but the average healthy child doesn’t need a special device to move in a healthy way.

If you find yourself wishing your child were more active, it’s perfectly OK to turn to low-tech solutions first. Check out these articles for fresh ideas to help you AND your kids move more, feel better, and live longer.

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I strongly disagree. I think kids should be focused on sports and physical activity for the enjoyment. Adults can participate with them (family walk, bike ride, playing j the street) and THEY are welcome to track steps and activity. But not kids. Let’s leave them out of the loop. Childhood obesity and inactivity is a parenting issue so let’s not be focused on the wrong thing.

Indeed most parent out there do not take into concern how important fitness trackers are even to their kids. They would be very helpful especially those with GPS tracking to help find your kid when he/she goes missing. I really appreciate the content shared in this article since it has great guidance for even parents out there.

Its Amazing and very useful for kids. Fitness trackers are really important for kids now a days as they can track almost every aspect of there daily activity which helps them to stay healthy and stay fit.
thanks for the amazing post

Fitness trackers are really important for kids now a days becouse this inspire them to do some fitness activity.

Hey, very nice blog. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

Having a fitness tracker means a lot. People are generally not willing to exercise. But, exercise is a crucial thing for everyone. For kids, a fitness tracker will make them more motivated to exercise. So, kids must need a fitness tracker. But it is also important to consider its downsides.

I think this is an interesting issue because of course you want your kids to be active and healthy but do they really need a fitness tracker? I personally think it depends on the child and ultimately the parent on whether they think it would be a help or hinderance for them. Like a lot of things in parenthood, you have to make decisions based on what you think is going to be best for them. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong, but then you just move on!

Great Post! I totally agree. Being a father of twins, I can see benefits only if it is fun for them. They do need to stay active for the sake of doing fun things and being engaged in those fun things. When the twins were young we did things together as a family, like camping, swimming and hiking. Plus, we brought a friend or two to add more fun to the picture. If fitness trackers are used for the sole purpose of making it more fun, then that is ok.