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At Home Flexible Daily Schedule for Kids


Kids thrive on a balance of routine and free play. When schools are closed, consider building a flexible daily schedule to help your family run more smoothly! Scroll on to see the scheduling tips and printable charts.

Importance of Routines

Routines have a positive impact on kids and families, particularly in times of uncertainty.

  • Routines provide kids with a sense of security and stability. This is especially important during times of change or uncertainty.
  • Routines create an environment for learning. Routines help kids learn how the world runs, and what they need to do in order to interact successfully in that world. Social skills, hygiene, work and healthy eating habits are all things kids can learn through good routines.
  • Routines help kids learn skills and responsibility. When you establish a routine for chores and taking care of your household, kids are learning to contribute, work hard, and take care of something outside of themselves. Routines help foster independence!
  • Routines help you connect with your kids. By taking time to teach and interact with your kids, you can actually use daily routines to help develop and strengthen the bond you share with your family.

Routines Benefit Parents, Too

  • Routines help you get through your daily tasks and free up time for other things.
  • Regular and consistent routines can help you feel like you’re doing a good job as a parent.
  • When life is busy, routines can help you feel more organised and in control, which lowers stress.

Tips for Working Parents

  • Create routines and a schedule, but be flexible.
  • Get on the same page with your partner and/or other adult caregivers.
  • Don’t compare your schedule with others – do what works for your family.
  • Make a plan for when you are working and your kids still need structure.
  • Use time when you aren’t working to teach your kids things they can do independently.
  • Let loose a little! Try to enjoy your time together, simply.

How Do I Get My Kids on a Schedule?

There are 2Af things that really help to get your kids on a schedule and establish routines.

  1. Clarity. Involve your kids in making the schedule, and explain how it’s going to work in terms that they’ll understand. Ask your kids to tell you about the schedule, to boost understanding.
  2. Consistency. Once you have established your schedule, try as much as you can to be consistent with following it. If your schedule changes often, it will be hard for kids to follow along and know what to expect. Things will always come up and you may need to adjust, but in general, try to stay with your set schedule.

Kids Daily Schedule Printable Charts

Visual reminders help everyone get on the same page. You can print either of these schedule templates out, and have your kids help create a schedule that works for everyone. Hang it where everyone can see it often, especially while you are establishing the schedule. If you find the schedule isn’t working, print out another and try again!

Ideas to Include in Your Kids Daily Schedule

These are just some ideas to kick-start your own chart. They are meant to help your kids have a balance of different experiences, have fun and learn along the way!

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