Veggie Pizza Braid {With Video!}

A few months ago, I brought my 12 year old, Erica to a cooking show.  She watched the gals from Pantry Secrets make a “dessert braid” and literally went home and made her first braid that night.  Since the cooking show, she’s probably made them about 12 times, changing up the filling to suit her cravings!  She loves it and she got good at it really fast.  So, today after dance, I had her make a vegetable pizza braid for us for dinner.   It is quick and easy to do!

First, we started with a regular bread recipe( we did use the Pantry Secrets recipe), and let it rise for 30 minutes.

Then, she rolls the dough out and fills the center with her fillings. For this, we used

  • marinara sauce
  • peppers
  • mushrooms
  • and fresh tomatoes
  • and mozzarella cheese.

Then, by slicing the sides into 1 inch thick sections, we have the dough ready to braid it.

Then, alternately cross the sections to the middle and overlap


Then we put it in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes!


 Check out our video to watch Erica making this!




Time to find a YW Experience she can use with her work to learn and make the braid!


Showed the video to my daughter who LOVES to cook with me and she was VERY excited to try this recipe. Thanks for the video…it really helped to see the how to do the braid. :)


Amy, this looks fantastic. Thank you for the video as well.

I love the fact that you can change the recipe to suit your mood for each day based on what you decide to use for fillings. The possibilities are endless.

How long does the bread dough stay good in the fridge? I am thinking it would be a great thing to have on hand. Then you can whip together a quick braid at night for an easy dinner with a nice big salad.

Have you tried them for breakfast yet? I am wondering if that might be a possibility too.


Hi Amy!
I want to make this recipe but the link for the regular bread dough is broken. If you could update this post to include the recipe you use instead of the link, that would be fantastic! In the meantime, I’ll look at some of your other recipes to see if I can find another bread/dough recipe. Thanks!! :)


Looks really tasty Amy and also something that I think I could achieve with most of the ingredients already at home. I am a busy single parent and this looks like something the kids could do with me!!


We made this with Cherizo and artichoke hearts. It was yummy and the presentation was much fancier than my regular pizza night. Thank you for fresh new ideas!


I love getting new recipes all the time but most of them seem to just give a lot of instruction and not a lot of anything else. I’m one of those people that’s constantly following directions and wondering if I’m doing it right. I love that this recipe has pictures and a video so I can be sure I’m on the right track before I get all done :)


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