Breakfast Burrito Bites

Some mornings your kids just need a little something small, right?  These mini breakfast burritos are perfect for those kids who don’t like to eat breakfast, yet you want to get a little healthy food in their bellies. Eating breakfast can help prevent those moody fits caused by low blood sugar. (and what I mean by moody is being 10 and crying because you miss a stuffed animal you lost over 4 years ago).

breakfast finger food

So, the concept is easy enough.  We

  • sautéed some peppers.
  • Cooked an egg.
  • Rolled it in a whole wheat tortilla
  • And cut cross-ways like sushi.
breakfast-burrito-bites lol


  • 3 TBL chopped bell peppers
  • 1 tsp. olive oil, or spray pan with non stick cooking spray
  • 3 eggs (whipped slightly in a bowl)
  • 1 TBL. water
  • 2 (8 inch) Whole wheat tortillas

Cook peppers with oil or cooking spray. Remove peppers from pan.  Whisk eggs and water together.  Cook egg/water mixture over hot skillet, without scrambling them.  Move egg inward to cook although through, and flip, so you have a large “fried egg”.  Cut in half.  Place one egg on each tortilla.  Add peppers to the center of your tortilla and roll up.

breakfast bites


what a great idea! I will post my plate review tomorrow :) Thank you again for sending! My kids LOVE it and I hope I refer some orders your way! Still up for giveaway? If they are back in stock?


Yes, we can still do a giveaway. The plates are IN Salt Lake in a wharehouse 30 minutes from my house and they won’t let me have them till they are cleared by customs! I’m so sad… I want them today! I actually should be able to get them cleared later today, or first thing tomorrow…. I’m hoping today :)

Superfood Sisters

Great idea for breakfast!! My kids are hooked on cereal so I am always looking for different ideas to get them to have a healthier breakfast! And it’s something mommy will enjoy too!!


Traci… hopefully it’s a phase, right?
Super food sisters: My 12 year old is hooked on cereal too, however he must be having a growth spurt cause he’ll eat cereal PLUS anything I make. He can eat A LOT!!


I guess I’m a little late on commenting here, but I just came across these. I love cooking for my grandchildren. I’m sure they’ll love the breakfast burritos, and they are quick and healthy, so I will love them too.


I know my kids would enjoy this recipe, I think I might make this tomorrow for breakfast.


Ever since I went to Texas, I’ve been in love with the breakfast burrito. A Great healthy meal for children and adults alike.



For one who counts breakfast the most important meals of the day, I just love the recipes and the pictures are so appealing.

You quote “Eating breakfast can help prevent those moody fits caused by low blood sugar.” – I know some adults who would need your breakfast.


Ess Bee

I tried this recipe for a party, and got great results. Just to get creative I fried up crispy potatoes (hashbrown style) and layered them into the burrito. They added great texture, I would definitely suggest it.


That should read- whisk the eggs and water together and then cook (I just edited it). I usually add a touch of water to my eggs.. I feel like it makes them fluffier.


Wow! This looks yummy. I am on a low-carb diet and in a couple of weeks I will be adding back some carbs which will open the door for THIS recipe. :Pinning for the recipe. :)


Ditch the water in the eggs. Water/milk doesn’t make eggs more fluffy or creamy. Proper medium low heat, whisking right before cooking, and constant stirring makes them fluffy verses flat.

Either way, great looking recipe that I will definitely try. Thanks for sharing!


@Jamin- just goes to show you how some cooking habits are born from just listening to others without questioning why!
Thanks for the advice!


you could do peanut butter and banana ones..or crushed fruit ones many possibilities..ty


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