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Apple Wedges for Dessert

Apple Wedges for Dessert. You can teach your kids that fruit is the best dessert there is!If our kids always ate fruit for dessert, they would be so much healthier!  Fruit, with its natural sweetness, low calories, and being full of nutrients, are just the desserts they need.  And if you serve fruit for dessert often enough, in lieu of sugar laden processed desserts, the fruit will soon be plenty sweet for them.

Now we did use a tiny bit of chocolate, but even that contains some beneficial antioxidants.  So what are you waiting for? Your kids want some dessert tonight!

Apple Wedges for Dessert. You can teach your kids that fruit is the best dessert there is!


Apple Wedges for Dessert. You can teach your kids that fruit is the best dessert there is!


  • Cut and core 1 apple
  • Soak in a bowl for a few minutes with cold water and a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Dry thoroughly before attempting to put on any peanut butter or cream cheese.
  • Spread either all natural peanut butter, or cream cheese on each apple wedge.
  • Press into a bowl of toppings.  You could use:
    • Granola
    • Chocolate
    • coconut
    • dried cranberries
    • raisins
    • Chopped nuts
    • toasted wheat germ
    • ground flax meal

When I mentioned the other day that I found Natural peanut butter for 0.13 per ounce, I forgot about how you can cream your own at the health food store.  Jen’s comment made me think of it.  So I checked today, and sure enough, dispensing your own is only 0.10 per ounce! Thanks Jen!

What other toppings would you put on these apple wedges?


Those are super cute!!! We love fruit for dessert around here, and when I need to make something fancier I turn to a raw dessert cookbook I have so that it is still au natural for them! 😀


I think in keeping with the underlying theme of your recipe names (think Coco-Nutty Balls) this dessert should be called Apple Wedgies.


These look and sound yummy. I never thought about cream cheese before with apples. We have only dipped ours in peanut butter and on New Year’s Eve it’s our tradition to have “FUN-DU” night and we have chocolate syrup, carmel syrup, whip cream and peanut butter. I will have to see what the kids think about the cream cheese. Thanks for another good idea.


Thank you for sharing this idea! My kids love the apples with peanut butter and raisins stuck in, ants on a log as they call it since they dont like celery. I love the pinwheel look on the plate, that would totally appeal to my little girl. I am going to try the other toppings you suggested too!


We actually used melted milk chocolate chips.. I know it’s not the healthiest way, but that’s what we used.
But dark chocolate would be super healthy!

Jenny Orlando

LOVE this idea! Nutella would be good, dried cherries, dried blueberries, crushed banana chips, crushed walnuts…


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