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Wacky Watermelon Pops

wacky watermelon pops

We just can’t get enough watermelon around our house this summer!  Partly because it is so delicious and partly because it is so nutritious, and because my kids love popsicles, and their mom doesn’t love all the added sugar and artificial dyes in them – we make a lot of our own.  This is our newest recipe combing the refreshing sweet taste of watermelon, with the bright tart flavor of kiwi.


This might be the easiest recipe you ever follow.  Blend watermelon.  Pour into your mold and let it freeze for a bit.  Blend kiwi.  Pour into molds on top of the watermelon layer.  We use the Zoku pop maker to make all of our popsicles.  It is seriously amazing.  If you haven’t tried one, I would highly suggest you do.  If you think it is a bit too sour for your kids, just add a touch of honey when you blend.

IMG_0965 IMG_0964

And a little while later you have beautiful tasty super nutritious pops awaiting your hot little kidlets.


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Watermelon Pops

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Would love to know where you purchased your popsicle molds. Also, just wanted to let you we are linking to some of your articles on our news site: boogai.com. Your article titled “Family Bonds Fostered by Food” is in the Family Life section today and your article on Potassium will be featured tomorrow 🙂 Love your site!

Love these watermelon pop ideas and I can’t wait to try them with my kids. I recently purchased Crispy Green, these healthy, portable, freeze dried fruit snacks. My kids are obsessed and are finally eating their fruit!! YAY! I just signed up for their Facebook sweepstakes. Thought I would share Check it out on http://www.facebook.com/crispygreen because who doesn’t like free samples!

Love this idea my kids love both these fruits and we live in TN where it gets very hot in the summer. I think I am going to give them a try. Would love to have you come visit my blog @http://www.specialbirthdaypartyideas.com/

These are sooo cute and very healthy too. Kids absolutely love popsicles but they are so full of artificial ingredients, colors and flavors that you really don’t want to give them too many. This recipe is so simple because it has only a few ingredients but it’s also so healthy. Thank you so much for this great idea. Kids will definitely love this for the bright colors and the great flavor.

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