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Sweet Brown Rice


Prior attempts at brown rice have been met with the comments, “it tastes like sunflower seeds, and not in a good way.”  But, with rice being a daily staple for over half of our world’s population, it’s a must eat food.  It’s easily digestible and thus appropriate for all ages.  Long grain, short grain, basmanti, Jasmine, wild….The types of rice out there can be overwhelming.  Some brown rice may be gritty or grainy (or seedy I guess if you ask my kids)  and you may hesitate to purchase it again.    However, we have found a brown rice I consider to be the tastiest.  It is softer, chewier, and sweeter.  I found it in the bulk section of our health food store and it was labeled, Sweet Brown Rice.  My kids liked it so much better, and so did I.

Check out my prior post where I listed why brown rice is superior to white rice.  Here are some things we use rice for:

  • Mixed with chicken, cream of chicken soup, broccoli
  • Filling in burritos
  • Porcupine balls
  • Rice pudding
  • Soups
  • PLAIN (our favorite).  We just add a little salt and pepper (sometimes a little butter).

I started out mixing half white rice with half brown while my kids got used to it, but with the two different cooking times, it wasn’t very realistic.  With the sweet brown rice, I just serve that up.  It’s smooth enough that they will eat it without a fuss.

Have you tried Sweet Brown Rice?

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Sadly, *I* don’t like brown rice, so my kids haven’t really had a chance to know if they do or don’t like it. I’d like us to make the switch over to brown rice, though, so I’m going to look for sweet brown rice and give them a try.

I have never heard of sweet brown rice but it sounds delicious! I love the name, the picture looks great; how’s the price? (I know you hate that question but I like rice because it’s healthy AND cheap)

One time I heard on Oprah or something that you can use Minute Brown Rice if brown rice is too much work. Not as good for you, but better than no rice at all!

Cathy, you may change your mind, so definitely give it a try. Emiy, since I bought it in bulk, I can’t remember. I only bought 1 cup because it was an experiment, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay more than a dollar. When I go back I’ll check for you. I’ve heard minute rice is just as good, but i have never bought minute rice. Something about it seems so processed to me, but maybe it’s just fine. I like the taste of rice made in a rice cooker.

I have never tried nor heard of Sweet Brown Rice – so what does it taste like? Is it sweet? I love regular brown rice, so I’m curious how it compares as far as taste.

Do compare. I wouldn’t exactly call it sweet. It’s stickier, chewier….just different. Let me know if you like it better.
Emily; just got back from the store. The rice was 1.49 per pound. I bought more this time.

How exactly do you cook sweet brown rice. I picked some up last time I was at Whole Foods (bulk section) and haven’t cooked it yet.


Luckily right now I’m borrowing a friends rice cooker. On the stove seems to be hit and miss for me. But basically, the way I cook most of my grains is 2 to 1. Two cups water, one cup rice, then simmer till the water is all evaporated. One thing I also learned from our Exchange student was to rinse the rice and soak it for a good thirty minutes first. She said it makes it taste better. Maybe it helped, I don’t know.

okay, i am going to have to remember to pick some of this up to try. we haven’t found a brown rice yet that we can love like we love white rice.