Want healthy meals your kids will love?

15 Healthy Easter Recipes for Kids


Have a healthy Easter celebration with your kids! Discover naturally-sweetened spring treats and adorable festive snacks made from colorful whole food ingredients.

Like so many holidays, Easter often comes with candy, and lots of it!

We’re OK with kids enjoying candy on special occasions, BUT that doesn’t mean we need to abandon healthy festive foods to make way for the endless parade of chocolate eggs and bunnies!

We’ve collected fifteen fun and healthy Easter recipes you can make with your kids for parties, potlucks, or just after school. These recipes feature whole food ingredients like fruits, veggies, whole grains, eggs, and cheese. They’re also free of refined sugar, though you’ll find some treats lightly sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Enjoy!

Healthy Easter Recipes (Naturally Sweet)

These festive treats are made from wholesome ingredients and fresh fruit, and sweetened with a touch of honey or maple syrup. So you can celebrate spring and indulge your sweet tooth without added sugar.

Healthy Easter Recipes (Savory Snacks and Appetizers)

Think Spring with these simple, kid-friendly snacks and appetizers made from colorful veggies and whole grains. Try them for an Easter potluck or party, or just a fun after-school snack.

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i like to put something “outdoorsy” in their baskets–the pea is getting a balance board and some legos and cars; the princess is getting romperstompers, a moxie doll and some hairbands. i do put a few jellybeans and chocolates in there, too, though! my mil does an awesome easter egg hunt and there is very little chocolate in her eggs, too!

So nice that your kids are still little – enjoy the Easter Basket phase. Mine are teens, with one in college and for the past few years have moved away from it and tried to put more of the focus on the REAL meaning of Easter. That said, I did buy and tuck away a couple small bags of candy which I’ll put out for the day. Even though it is not healthy, I have memories of my parents taking me to the store one day before Easter, as a teen, and buying me grapes because I was overweight, and my sister candy, because she wasn’t. Would like to teach them that a little candy on occasion is OK, but not for every day. Kinda the 80/20 rule.

Another cute idea I found was in FamilyFun Magazine. For their Easter egg hunt, they put puzzle pieces (25 ct puzzle) in Easter eggs. The kids then have to put the pieces together afterward allowing Mom and Dad some time to make breakfast. I’m assuming you could use a 100 or 300 ct one too and just add more puzzle pieces.

I also posted some great no candy easter ideas by age group and store. Hope that helps! http://healthydealsnsteals.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/great-no-candy-easter-gifts-for-all-ages/

When my kids were little I stuffed plastic easter eggs with a few pieces of cereal like fruit loops (some even just had cheerios) that I didn’t normally buy the kids – when they found their eggs, they would go ahead and open them and eat them, and by the end of the morning, they hadn’t eaten much more sugar than they would have had in a bowl of sugary cereal and they were happy as clams. When they were older, I would do animal key chains, especially the light up/making sounds kind in a few of the eggs. Others would have money, legos, or candy that the kids had previously stuffed (I make them work, but they get to pick out what candy they want.)

Great ideas, Amy. You’re right about non-candy in your Easter baskets. I must have been the meanest mom ever, but look at you now – doing the same thing! Maybe I was ahead of my time. I think hiding the baskets was the most fun for me, seeing if I could stump you looking for it.

I’ve done themed baskets in the past: Beach (beach towel, sunglasses, snorkel, flip flops), SandBox (buckets, shovels, shaping molds), Bakery (their own baking utensils, mixing bowls, spatulas, and a fun recipe, apron), Playdoh (self explanatory), Garden (plastic hoe, shovel, garden gloves, seeds to plant, etc). I do always put a little candy in though.

Each of my girls are getting a book, and one is getting sunglasses & the other is getting a tutu & matching hairclip. Eggs, and probably a Lil’ Cutie. I might revise things a little, since there are some great ideas in these comments & the post! I love the idea of having them look for specific colored eggs. For the church party I filled the eggs with just money & was planning to do that with the the eggs that we do at home–but I like the cereal idea & know the girls would like that, and those little finger puppets are so cute that maybe I’ll find a few things like that too.

I love that, no candy in the Easter basket idea. There are plenty of items that aren’t candy. I really should be doing that instead of the jelly beans that I have. Lol! Next year for sure!

My kids don’t get any easter “stuff” on Easter Sunday. We celebrate “Spring Day” on Saturday and that is when they get a basket and a few small “springy” gifts as others have suggested already! It leaves Easter free to only remember our Savior!

I grew up getting tons of candy in my basket, so that’s what I’ve done for my own kids. If I had not already bought everything, I would be trying to do candy-less. Next year!
But they will each be getting a new book, a colroing book and own pack of crayons (some cool neon ones from Crayola–seasonal I think) and a stuffed animal.

I love all of these ideas. Next year, I am going to make theme baskets – super cute idea! This year, I will definitely be putting cereal in the eggs I hide! I LOVE THAT IDEA! It’s always so hard to prevent the kids from eating a bunch of junk and at least this way, they will get some good stuff! Great ideas all around!

I have three daughters… I set the table for breakfast in a special way and then I put a small package on each of their plates. The package contains a piece of special jewelry that they can wear to church that morning. My mom did all kinds of fun stuff for us, but that was the one thing that really made that day special for me… so that is what I am carrying on!

My girls are getting one sucker in their basket this year, bubbles, Max Lucado book, true meaning of Easter coloring book, and a few other non candy items. I usually get them a chocolate cross (which I confiscate and eat) but I could not find them this year. I love the idea of Becky’s-small package with jewelry. My girls are a little small for jewelry but I am going to do that next year. I really wanted to downplay Easter Bunny without being a stick in the mud.

I am doing movies, new helmet, shoes, seeds for our garden, bubbles, and anything to to with the outdoors.