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Sour Kiwi Suckers


My kids have been fans of kiwi for a very long time! And thank goodness! Kiwi has:

  • 95% of the Daily Value for Vitamin C (more than an orange!)
  • almost 3 grams of fiber for one tiny fruit
  • … and according to WH Foods, “Children in Norther and Central Italy showed the more kiwi citrus fruit the children consumed, the less likely they were to have respiratory related health problems, including wheezing, shortness of breath, or night coughing.”

My kids like kiwi the way they like sour candy.  Kiwi has that tart-sour taste that happens to be sweet at the same time.  But sometimes, it’s hard to eat. It’s so juicy and there really is no where to hold your fruit. It’s one of the few fruits I think is actually easier to eat with a fork.  So, instead of sour candy, why not make Sour Kiwi Suckers instead, then you don’t need that fork to enjoy it.   We decided to cut some kiwi up and freeze it, then called them “suckers”. Really I guess you could call them popsicles because they are frozen, but they were small like suckers, so that is what we did.

Here is how we did it:

Step 1) Cut the kiwi by taking the ends off first.

Step 2) Take the skin off by getting your knife between the skin and the flesh, and sawing all the way around until the skin is removed.

Step 3) Slice horizontally, so you have discs of kiwi.

Step 4) Place toothpicks into you kiwi circles, and freeze!

I can only say, that TJ was the only one home when we made these, and he just about ate ALL of them! He loved them (and so did I!)

So, next time you have some kiwi, give it a try. I promise your kids will love the new way to eat kiwi.

Natalie Monson

I'm a registered dietitian, mom of 4, avid lover of food and strong promoter of healthy habits. Here you will find lots of delicious recipes full of fruits and veggies, tips for getting your kids to eat better and become intuitive eaters and lots of resources for feeding your family.

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I’ve always wondered if the fiber content in kiwis is with or without the skin? Do you know? Those are awfully cute! My boys would love them!

wow I remember your post about kiwi when TJ said he didn’t like it and it was because his friend liked kiwi that made TJ eat it

OK – this explains something for me! I’m from New Zealand (where it’s called kiwifruit, because of the little brown bird called a kiwi), and could never understand why it’s called “ripe” in the US supermarkets when it’s hard and sour. Anyway, if you wait until it is ripe, it’s gorgeously sweet, then all you have to do is cut it in half and scoop it out with a spoon – it’s its own bowl. That’s how every Kiwi kid eats it. If it’s properly ripe, you can even “cut” it with the handle of the spoon, making it a self-contained fruit for a lunchbox.