5 Ways to Use Leftover Smoothie

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No need to dump all that healthy goodness down the drain! Here are 5 ways to use that leftover smoothie, so you won’t waste a drop!

5 Ways to Use Leftover Smoothie

Hey guys! Tiffany from Feel Great in 8 here again. I am so excited to be back today and to share these fun ideas with you! Hopefully, a few of them will even surprise you a little.

Smoothies are a staple in my house. I make a fruit smoothie, a green smoothie, or even sometimes a chocolate peanut butter smoothie just about every day. I love that my kids drink up all that nutrition and healthy goodness without a fight, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t ever have leftovers. I tried keeping a few in the fridge for later, but they just don’t end up the same and the kids never wanted to drink them again later. Eventually I started getting creative in looking for ways to use those leftovers that the kids would actually enjoy. I bet your kids will love these too. So, without further ado, here they are…

5 Ways to Use Leftover Smoothie:

1. Popsicles: Summer is coming and this is a perfect way to keep your freezer stocked with delicious, healthy, refreshing treats. All you need is a simple popsicle mold that you can most likely find in your local grocery store or on Amazon. Just pour leftovers into the molds, freeze, and let your kids enjoy!

2. Homemade Sorbet: This is another frozen treat that your kids will love this summer. Just pour the leftover smoothie into a container with a lid and freeze. When you are ready to eat, just let the sorbet thaw on the counter for a minute or two and then scoop.

3. Ice Cubes for Future Smoothies: Freezing leftover smoothie in individual ice cubes is a great way to add flavor and texture to your next smoothie. Just pour smoothie in the an ice cube tray and freeze. Then pop a few ice cubes into your next smoothie.

4. Overnight Oatmeal: Have you tried overnight refrigerator oatmeal yet? It is a new favorite at my house. You just put oats, milk, greek yogurt, and whatever flavor mix-ins you want into a mason jar, shake, and refrigerate overnight. It makes a super quick, easy, and healthy breakfast. And, leftover smoothie is the perfect way to add nutrition and flavor. You can find my favorite overnight oatmeal recipe right here and just use leftover smoothie in place of the 2 tablespoons of pureed fruit.

5. Brownies: Yep, you read that right!! You’ve probably heard that you can replace the oil in most baked goods with apple sauce, but did you know that you can use leftover smoothie too? Just this week I tried using leftover smoothie in place of the apple sauce in my favorite Dark Chocolate Brownies and they worked perfectly! I was so excited to find another new way to add nutrition to my favorite baked goods.

5 Ways to Use Leftover Smoothies

So, those are my five favorite ways to use leftover smoothie! If you have other yummy ways to use them, leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

FOOD - 5 Ways to Use Leftover Smoothie. No need to dump all that healthy goodness down the drain! Here are 5 ways to use leftover smoothie, so you won't waste a drop! https://www.superhealthykids.com/5-ways-use-leftover-smoothie/

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