10 Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas for Kids


No lunch ruts here! Scroll for fresh, non-sandwich lunches your kids will love. Also check out our huge gallery of school lunches that feature 90+ pictures of healthy packed lunches for kids!

Sandwiches are fine. They’re FINE. Love ‘em. Really. But ask any kid who’s eating her fifth sandwich of the week whether she’s getting a teensy bit tired of PBJ or ham and cheese between slices of bread, with an apple on the side.

Chances are good she’ll answer with a big old groan.

We’re going to help you shake things up with some yummy and easy non-sandwich lunch ideas you can pack for your kids this school year.

1. Tacos

When we have tacos for dinner, I always make a few extra and throw them in my kids’ lunchboxes. They eat them cold! Stuff them with chicken, cheese, beans, or beef.

2. Waffles

Freeze leftover waffles for a quick, fun school lunch. Defrost in the toaster oven and make a “waffle sandwich” with cream cheese or peanut butter.

3. Wraps

The possibilities are almost endless! Try hummus and veggies, nut butter with bananas, or deli turkey and veggies, like this wrap from our members’ side.

4. Baked Egg Cups

Pack a protein boost with eggs cooked in a muffin tin! Just whisk them up and add your favorite veggies, meats, and cheeses, then bake at 350 until the eggs are set.

5. English Muffin Pizzas

Make this classic kid-favorite lunch on whole grain English muffins for extra fiber.

6. Thermos Lunch

10 Thermos Ideas For a Healthy Lunch. How you can send hot or cold food to school!

Send a nourishing soup in a thermos with your kids’ lunch. Or pack homemade mac and cheese, turkey meatballs, or other hot leftovers. To keep them warm all morning, preheat the Thermos with boiling water for five minutes before you add the food.

7. Quinoa, Rice, or Pasta Salad

Cold whole grains make a perfect packed lunch.  Check out our Quinoa Veggie Bowl recipe. 

8. Homemade Muffins

Homemade, whole grain muffins are one of my favorite treats to pack in my kids’ lunchboxes. Pair them with a cheese stick for protein and a side of fresh veggies and fruit.

9. Finger Foods

Am I the only one who has fun packing finger food lunches? They’re so colorful! Include a few different types of nibbles for your kids can pick up and eat with their hands and dip into nut butter or hummus.

10. Stuffed Pita Pockets

Look for whole grain pitas, and stuff them with anything you like! This one features chicken salad and greens. My kids love the combo of ham, cheddar, and white beans.

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Thank-you, thank-you. My pre-schooler seriously dislikes bread (not a bad) I’ll definitely try these out..but what I’ll do is try them on a weekend and see how she fairs before packing them for school lunch ????

Lovely ideas for the lunch for school as my baby is a fussy eater…she wants variety and change of ideas always and no breads:-(…m following all and pinning the recipes…will start tomorrow …Thanks for the share truly.

My kids are the worst, well my oldest. He insists on honey on a wrap, or honey and butter. I am going to give the hummous a try, I know he likes it as a dip! Any other suggestions? He says he doesnt like meat, which he USED to.
He gets cut up strawberries or cantaloupe but I am stuck with other fruits to get him to eat!

I’m a certified food handling manager, and I even eat food left out for hours and hours at home, but one food you should not touch after 1 hour of no refrigeration is eggs. Those egg meals are NOT a good idea unless you send an ice pack with it.

Funny, but I had such a big groan as a kid. When an aunt suggested that my mom spice up our lunch meals. She said we were good with our hams, then I groaned and screamed No!

Reading this brought that memory.

I am an expectant mum and I found this really helpful. I have been consuming a of article in view of having a healthy meal plan for myself and kid when he comes around.

Is it too early to plan?

Hi my name is Sona. I am from India. As a single mom, I was always worried about my girl. but these all dishes are looking very yummy. I am definitely gonna try them. Thanks!

amazing.. I was looking for a non sandwich meal ideas very long time.
All the above ideas are tasty and yet healthy too. Thanks for sharing

Thank You So Much For This Post Because My Sister Have Been Born New Baby So I Share This To Her. It’s Very Helpful After 1 Year. Once Again Thank You Natalie

Thank-you. My pre-schooler seriously dislikes bread (not a bad) I’ll definitely try these out..but what I’ll do is try them on a weekend and see how she fairs before packing them for school lunch???

Oh! it looking so delicious and tasty. My daughter definitely going to love these dishes. And I think this could be one of the positive things in the pandemic.

I loved reading your post and thank you so much for reaching such people.
I love eating dishes and will like your post so many people who are like me thank you for writing such a post.