What food group is chocolate in?


When I took my first nutrition class in college, I was taught the “four food groups”.  Do you remember that? It seems like ages ago!  Then there was the “Food guide Pyramid”  And now of course is “MyPyramid.  Do your kids know about it?  My kids know MyPyramid better than they know their multiplication tables.  Mostly because the MyPyramid poster is inside the pantry door, which they open 249 times a day, and the multiplication poster is inside the hall closet where they are deposit their shoes, backpacks, and jackets.  They open that closet approximately 0 times a day!

Teach your kids about the food groups, but spare them the lectures about osteoporosis and heart disease, and make it simple.  This is what happens at our house.  Ketchup boy says, “I’m STARVING

I say, “Let’s look at the poster, which food group have you not eaten from today?”

And he will simply point to the pictures of the food group he has neglected, and we choose a snack from there.”  It’s that simple.

When I used to have the old pyramid up, the “sweets” section at the top was very appealing.  At that point I would tell them, you can have something from the sweet section as soon as you eat something from every food group.  It actually worked quite well.  Even your two year olds can learn.  I can hold my neice up to the poster and say to her, “show me the bananas!” And she will gladly point out the bananas in the picture.

I purchase my posters at the local school supply stores.


Since writing this post, the pyramid has been replaced with Choose MyPlate. Find out more details and resources here.


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With the percent of obese, or overweight children in the US constantly growing, I think you’ve found a great way to battle that! I know i didn’t learn much, if anything at all, about the food pyramid until my health class sophomore year of high school, a time when making diet changes is quite difficult. I admire the idea you’re created by hanging the mypyramid poster in your pantry and having your kids make sure they’re hitting all food groups each day, it’s a very healthy start for them!

I’ve stumbled onto your blog through the blog world, and I’m really enjoying it. I would say we are not healthy eaters, but I do want to be and find you blog helpful, but not judgmental! I’ve wondered about something for months now, and think you may know the answer. I love the MyPyramid website and try to get right portions in the day. I’ve noticed though that containers of fruit list 1/2 cup as a serving size. Is this because labels are still based on the old system or is there another reason. It’s confusing!