Sweet Potatoes Fries

sweet potato fries 2

What a fabulous way to get some veggies!  Thanks to Lisa for telling me you can buy sweet potatoes sliced up for you in the cooler/produce section of Costco (did you hear that Costco, I mentioned you again!  Anyone at  headquarters going to notice and start giving me kickbacks?)

I highly recommend buying them this way.  A whole sweet potato is pretty tough to slice up on your own.  Very tough.  So I have 3lb bag. I poured 1lb of them into a bowl and mixed some olive oil around them to coat.  Spread them on a cookie sheet, sprinkled a little salt and baked. This takes at least 45 minutes at 400 degrees to get them crispy, otherwise they will just be mushy.

The flip-flopper was nervous about trying them because she thought they looked like cooked carrots. she tried them and said she didn’t like them. Cereal boy has been more and more accepting. He’ll try new things if I say, “It’s for the blog”. He really liked the “fries.”   Ketchup boy tried one 1/4 piece long with a tablespoon of ketchup, but he said he liked it!


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I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m proud of you. This is fabulous. I just started buying sweet potatoes, and they are hard to cut up . . .I hope our COSTCO has the same selection as yours. Great idea. THANKS!

Forgot where I got the recipe, but I toss them in olive oil, salt, cumin, and chili powder. Then bake. They are sooooo good. Especially with ranch.