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Now These Are Real Peach Donuts


Is it just me, or are donuts making a popularity come-back?  On our recent vacation to California, we noticed donut shops everywhere!  The trend hasn’t exactly made it to Utah (that I’ve noticed), but I have a feeling it’s going to get here eventually.  I can honestly say, donuts are one food I’m never tempted to “treat” my kids with.  Cinnamon rolls, yes, but donuts… meh.  They make you sick so fast!  After one, don’t you feel awful?  

Your kids won’t feel sick after eating our REAL PEACH DONUTS however. Because they really are peaches!  

Peaches are in season for North America! We couldn’t be happier at my house.  I can’t buy a bag of peaches without them being eaten up the first day.  We really, really love them!   They are a great food for your kids to eat.  Peaches:

  • Vision- like carrots, peaches are full of beta-carotene that support eye health!
  • Fiber- we like to keep our kids “regular”, and fiber is the way to do it!
  • Vitamin C- Oranges can’t get all the credit, peaches are also a great source of vitamin C, helping kids fight infections and bugs.

So, with all the donut talk, and me never wanting to purchase any, I decided to make a fun peach donut for our snack yesterday!  It was super easy.

Simply, cut peaches cross-ways, so the pit is in the center.  Scoop out a little extra of the center with a melon baller to  make a circle. Freeze the peach rings for about 30 minutes to make it easier to dip in yogurt.

Real Peach Donuts Recipe. Healthy donuts made of REAL peaches!

Second, lining a pan with wax paper, dip in yogurt.  I used two kinds of yogurt. Plain, and a mint chocolate chip yogurt!  Oh my goodness!! that tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Real Peach Donuts Recipe. A healthy treat for kids, Peach Donuts!

Then, add your toppings.  We used:

  • Granola
  • Nuts
  • chocolate sprinkles (on the mint chocolate chip one)
  • and regular sprinkles
  • Cinnamon Sugar

Real Peach Donuts Recipe. A fun way to eat peaches by making them into donuts!

Return to freezer again until frozen!  They were perfect for us after about 3 hours.  Then, I had to let it sit out for about 10 minutes just to make them easy to bite through.

Real Peach Donuts Recipe. Your favorite peaches turned into donuts.

Our favorite one- CINNAMON SUGAR!! 100%, hands down, it was delicious!

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Need to try this! Have you tired any other fruit? Wondering if another fruit would work as well as the peach.

I tried a recipe for grapes.. freeze grapes on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Use toothpicks to poke the stem hole and dip in yogurt of choice (I prefer organic greek yogurt and mix in a little fruit puree or stevia) then drop on sheet and freeze. They are a nice little treat. Pop one in your mouth and the yogurt starts to melt, then you get this bite of sweet grape.

I just made these and the whole family loved them…I know what we are having for dessert and breakfast from now on. Thanks it was a great idea

What a fun idea! I love that you coated them in yogurt 🙂 I think I’d freeze these on a stick like a donut popsicle kind of idea(mostly because my 3 year old daughter would make a total mess with these 🙂 )

We love peaches but I can’t seem to find good ones yet. I’ll keep looking. We would love this! I completely agree about the donut…so not tempting and makes you feel gross after eating it.

I just bought a fresh, whole pineapple cause my 6 yr old wanted it and was just thinking….hmmm, same shape. Might be a good recipe to try with it? What do you think? Might be tasty??

Who would say that’s a Peach! My Gosh, my kids would love this one. They love peach and yogurt. So what’s not to love about this combination. Yuummmm

I was thinking of using silk yogurt. Coconut milk seems like a good idea too. How did it turn out,and did you need to change anything else?

I keep seeing you use colored sprinkles, are there all natural ones available? Regular sprinkles have all sorts of nasty things in them, food coloring alone can seriously damage a developing brain and has been linked to ADD/A DID inchildren, along with rage and anger issues.

Jaime- You can absolutely purchase natural sprinkles. We’ve bought them before on Amazon. However, as I’m aware there are a lot of kids with sensitivities to food dyes (like my niece) not all kids are. My kids can eat sprinkles occasionally and it doesn’t’ cause hyperactivity. Parents magazine had a great article this month about food dyes and how they affect kids and not others. It’s definitely a personal choice, and we would hope you make the right one for your family. Here is a link to some natural ones: http://www.naturalcandystore.com/category/natural-baking-decorations

I totally understand what your saying. I know a lot of kids that cram in food coloring like it’s going out of style and seem to have no ill effects. It’s still incredibly unhealthy. It’s made from petroleum! It’s banned in much of the EU, and where it’s not banned they have to put warning labels on it. Unfortunately, we don’t have those warnings in the US, or I would’ve not let my kids eat them in the first place (not to mention my parents’ “we’ll die when we die, let them eat what they want” mentality… but, I digress)

We just tried this and I couldn’t get the peaches to part with pit with out them being smooshed. Can you explain how you get them to cut? Are my peaches too soft?

Amber- I should add that freestone variety peaches separate from the pit without any issue. Cling peaches or clingstone will probably NEVER break away cleanly. Have you seen the difference? You know when you get those peaches that you can just pluck the pit right out, and then other times, you have to literally chew around the pit. lol

I realized I used nectarines instead of peaches. They are still freezing and my kids lived eating them anyways. My son argued that it was in fact a peach. But realized it when I looked at the other bag lol. My bad. We still can’t wait to eat them after dinner. I knew something was funny. Lol

Thanks for this idea! I love being create with my kids snacks. I freeze pieces of banana on a toothpick and then dip in yogurt and coconut. Sometimes, for a big treat, I’ll dip them in chocolate. The frozen banana really tastes like ice cream.

where did you find the mint chocolate you yogurt? Do you know the brand by any chance? Sounds so delicious!