August 9, 2010 | Home >Healthy Kids >No Sugar Apricot Jam
No Sugar Apricot Jam
August 9, 2010 | Home >Healthy Kids >No Sugar Apricot Jam

No Sugar Apricot Jam

Or should I say, no added sugar, considering the fruit sugar.  Either way, this jam was so easy, I don’t know why I haven’t been doing it for years.


This recipe actually came from my mom.  She first gave us a box of apricots the other day, that needed to be used ASAP!  Then she told me about some new pectin in the stores that do not require adding sugar to your fruit.  It specifically says on the box, “No sugar needed.”

apricot jam1 I used

  • 6 cups of apricots
  • 2 TBL lemon juice
  • 1 box No sugar needed pectin
  • 1/4 cup concentrated apple juice
  • 3/4 cup water

apricot jam2 I threw everything in a pot, and stirred.  Waited it to start boiling, and break down the apricots.

Then I put it into jars and straight into the fridge! No canning at this house!

thMMMM,  and you know what it tastes like?  Apricots!  Tangy and delicious, not sickingly sweet.  Apricots are supposed to be tangy!

apricot jam5

We pick up our Japanese friends from the airport today!  We are excited. I asked Anna what she and her friend wanted me to pick up at the grocery store.  She’s so cute, her reply was

Hi, this is Anna. Today is Monday morning (10:10) in Japan. But I’m still sleep… Because I’m excited too!! I couldn’t be sleep.

Dinner menu is anything OK. But, my friend can’t eat “sea foods” And I can’t eat milk, cheese and butter. We have their allergy. We’re so sorry

Isn’t she cute?

written by
Amy Roskelley

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hannah says:

Good luck avoiding milk! Let me know if you need any tips/substitutes–I know all about milk allergies!

I’ve avoided making jam because of all the added sugar. Now, I can do this! Did you find the pectin at the regular market? I’ll have to check it out at my next trip.
Enjoy your visitors! They will have a wonderful time, I’m sure!

Amy says:

Yeah, it was at the regular store, right on the shelf next to the other pectins.
My Japanese girls are sleeping! They were practically up for 40 hours by the time they got here!!

Mary says:

Our first exchange “allergic” to tomatoes and cheese – unless they are on pizza 🙂 She was darling.

Heather says:

Perfect – thank you for this post! I just ordered 25 pounds of organic apricots to arrive next Monday and wanted to make jam without sugar. Your post came at the perfect time!

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Carlie says:

Do you peel that apricots first?

Amy says:

No peeling! 🙂 Super easy.

Marlene says:

What about the pits?

Hi Marlene,
The pits should be removed.

kathy says:

can you freeze this jam, in what kind of containers,
how long to keep in fridge or freezer?
my apricot trees produced loads of fruit.

Amy says:

Lucky you!! I do freeze it, and I use those freezer safe plastic containers- you can find them by the canning supplies.

GB Patrino says:

Can this recipe also be canned/jarred? Would I put them in a hot water bath? Thanks much! The tree is loaded, and I’ve never made jam before… 🙂

Kathy says:

You say “no canning at this house” but can this jam be canned rather than frozen?

Amy says:

Yes Kathy- We’ll be sharing more canning ideas this fall for sure. But definitely follow official canning guidelines to make sure there is no spoiling. A great resource is

Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post. It was inspiring.
Keep on posting!

valerie mc phail says:

What does “through everything in a pot…” mean?

yikes! Should say throw! I’ll fix it.

nina says:

So no peeling..I just wash my apricots then take the pits out and just throw them in the pot w/the ingredients? ! Sounds so easy, thank you!

nina says:

Wait, can I use this same recipe for a “no added sugar” strawberry jam too?

I would think so Nina!

I never peel apricots!! So, yeah, just take the pits out. super easy!

Beverly says:

I cup of Unsweetened Apple Juice has 28 grams of sugar (frutose from fruit) and 29 carbohydrates!!! That is Not healthy…..

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