How Meal Planning Can Help Picky Eaters

How Meal Planning Can Help Picky Eaters. Improve what your picky eater eats, with this one thing!

Super Healthy Kids has taught us all how valuable meal planning is.  We know that it can help us spend less at the store, be more organized, and keep our stress down.  But, did you know that meal planning might help improve what a picky eater, eats?  As a mom and occupational therapist I have seen how hard it is to put together a meal for kids that don’t eat a large variety of foods at the last minute.  Typically, by the time dinner rolls around, it just seems easier to feed that “picky” eater whatever they are going to eat anyways.  It is too much effort and might seem like a waste of time to bother with something they aren’t going to eat anyways.  Of course, this a dangerous line of thought.  By serving kids the same few foods, we will just reinforce their preference for these foods or worse, they will burn out on them and eat even less variety.  

The first step towards improving a picky eater’s variety is coming up with a game plan.  It is important to have a balance between foods your kid likes and ones they don’t.  If you don’t have anything on the plate that they are willing to eat, then they may become anxious or overwhelmed and bail on the meal all together.  Striking this balance of challenging non preferred foods and comfortable preferred foods can be challenging to say the least.  This is where meal planning comes in.  If you need some help getting started or a quick review check out Meal Planning Basics here.  Amy and Natalie have discussed how  meal planning gives you the opportunity to increase variety- well, that is the ultimate goal with a picky eater.  So, here are a few reasons why these meal plans are such a valuable tool to help those less than willing participants.

  • Ensuring a Preferred Food– Meal planning gives you the organization to make sure you have those comforting and familiar foods ready at each meal for your picky eater. As I already mentioned, this is key for the whole meal not going down the drain- literally. I would strongly suggest that you sit down and make a list of all the foods your kid eats at least 50% of the time.  Put these foods into three categories- starch/carbs, fruits/veggies, and proteins.  Most people are surprised at how many foods are actually on the list.  Now make sure at least 1 of these is present at each meal.  
  • Calculated Exposure to New or Non preferred foods– Look at the foods on that list you made of all the foods they eat, do you notice any patterns? Are they eating only crunchy, soft, or white foods? If so, try to plan some meals that gradually take them a little out of their comfort zone.  With each meal that you plan, slowly make small changes to some of the foods they eat.  For example, if you noticed that your kid seems to be avoiding anything with a mushy texture, but they love crunchy foods, then try to plan for some meals with foods that have crunchy outsides and soft insides.  It all may be in how you prepare the food.  
  • Keep a Record– Make some small notes on how your kid did at meal time.  It is important to see success in interactions with food, too.  Some kids won’t even look at new foods, if yours touched a green bean for the first time that is success!  Having your meal plan as a visual will let you see the progress you have made and remind you to go back and try some foods that you had some progress with.  Often times. without this visual reminder, we get stuck in the same old rut and go back to cooking the same things.
The organization and stress factor that meal planning brings is even more important for the picky eater because parents of picky eaters are more likely to be more stressed and disorganized at meals.  Meal planning probably won’t take away all of the stress because now you have to work on getting your kid to eat some of these non preferred foods, but it will help a lot.  And, the less stressed we are as parents during meal time, the better our kids will eat.  If you are looking for more strategies to help with your picky eater click here, and here.  
How Meal Planning Can Help Picky Eaters. Improve what your picky eater eats, with this one thing!Alisha Grogan, MOTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist that specializes in feeding difficulties and sensory integration in the Pittsburgh area.  Also, the mom of two wonderful boys under three and blogger at Your Kid’s Table, which combines all her feeding and sensory knowledge as a mom and OT.  You can also find her on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest   
MEAL PLANNING - How Meal Planning Can Help Picky Eaters. Improve what your picky eater eats, with this one thing!

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Thanks for your thoughtful tips, Alisha. Each parent is dealing with the food preferences of their family to varying degrees.

My thoughts: do your best in making a plan to introduce a variety of foods to your family. At the same time, enjoy the food and yourself and the company of your family!

Don’t heap praise or or scorn when children eat. Talk about something other than food at the table.

If you have healthy foods on the table that they do eat, along with new choices, they will get use to the smell and maybe the texture and taste of new foods.

Keep only healthy foods in your house. If you have an extremely picky eater, don’t offer filling non-foods like power bars between meals. Good luck!

Thank you thank you thank you for featuring this today. I’m in this boat with my child and sensory eating issues. Trying to find an OT who specializes in this! Too bad I live in Cleveland and not Pittsburg! But will start reading her blog!!! Thanks again.

Great post Alisha!! I have been planning to start weekly meal planning in February for Matt (my husband) and I. I never thought to do it for Connor, my picky 4 year old and and Evan, my 1 year old . I have started making my 4 year old try one new thing every day. He hasn’t been thrilled about it, but he is getting better. I am really excited to check out the recipes and ideas on this site!

Hey Michelle! So glad you checked it out! Definitely check out some of those picky eater posts I have, I think it will be really helpful! I am going to putting up a massive post index this week, so they will be really easy to find- I have written a lot about picky eating! The recipes here are awesome!

I am a picky eater and would rather starve for days then try anything new especially if i really didnt want to. I have been a picky eater my whole life my parents sometimes would force me to eat open my mouth etc and it just made me throw up. Picky eaters aren’t gonna always try thing.