Sidewalk Chalk Maze

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Friday: Activities and Exercise

I purchased sidewalk chalk with the intention of drawing fun pictures on a sunny warm day.  My kids couldn’t wait however.   It rained for a whole 30 minutes the entire week, right when they got home from school. But they couldn’t wait for the clouds to clear.


Ketchup boy and flip-flopper grabbed the bucket of sidewalk chalk to see what it would do on a wet sidewalk, and they had a blast.  Each one drew a line to follow.  Ketchup boys line was full of twists and turns.   The flip-flopper drew a very careful, but straighter line.  Then they had a contest between the two of them who could follow their lines exactly and get to the end first.  Of course the flip-flopper, being older and wiser, knew a straight line would be faster to follow than a twisty crooked line… so she won.

sidewalk chalk

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Fun idea! Kids have the BEST ideas, don’t they?! My kids like to draw roads with their sidewalk chalk and drive their cars and trucks around. I have also done this at parks by drawing bike paths, including stop signs, one-way roads, etc. It teaches safety, as well as exercise and fun!