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Healthy Soda Alternatives for Kids

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Soda is typically full of sugar, preservatives and overall a beverage our kids shouldn’t be consuming regularly. There are plenty of other fun healthy drinks to choose from that won’t make your kids feel deprived!


Smoothies are a great alternative to soda and in many cases, are a fantastic way to add some extra nutrients. Not only that, with a few unique combinations and additions, you can also create versions which resemble milkshakes, frosty and thick shakes! Smoothies are also simple and easy to make.

These are some delicious smoothie recipes which are the perfect alternative to sodas and fruit juices:

All-fruit Homemade Soda

homemade soda being poured into a mason jar with a straw and fruit in the background

Making homemade soda is fun for kids because they can try different fruits and add what they want. It is almost like a food experiment. When you make things at home, you really can control what goes into it. I love these recipes that are just blended fruit and carbonated water as a great alternative to store-bought soda for kids:

Fruit Infused Water

Flavored waters can be found everywhere these days, but many contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. A healthier choice is natural flavoring: Just add slices of your favorite fruits to a pitcher of ice-cold water for a refreshing and flavorful drink. Another great option is to put chopped-up fruit in an ice cube tray, add water, and freeze. Place these colorful fruit cubes in water for instant flavor and color! Here are some yummy recipes:

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