Healthy Otter Pops

 A healthy version of the super popular Otter Pop that kids love to eat on hot Summer days

Why Make Your Own Otter Pops

One day earlier this summer I was at the store with my 4 year old.  She spotted a box of Otter Pops, and had never had one so she kept asking me about them.  I decided to buy some as a hot summer day treat- little did I know I had opened Pandora’s box!  I don’t know if it was because she had never otter pops before, or if it was because they are a cold treat on a hot day, or just what the deal was, but she became obsessed!  Every time she went outside she thought she needed an otter pop.   The real otter pops are basically just sugar and water.  Not exactly something you want your child indulging in every single day.  I started doing a little looking and found a company that makes otter pop packaging – Zipzicles! We decided to make our own healthy otter pops.

Zipsicles are a refillable otter pop container, are BPA-free, and also recyclable!  It’s so great because you can make whatever kind of healthy Otter Pop you want.  They have tons of yummy and healthy recipes on their website.  We made 2 different kinds and they both turned out great! (Recipes at the bottom of the post)

How to Make Healthy Otter Pops

To make these, all we did was combine our ingredients in a blender.  Then you use a funnel or some kind of narrow pitcher to pour your mixture into each bag, and freeze!  So easy.


These are some filling guidelines:

Each Zipzicle™ ice-pop bag holds 1/3 cup of liquid. Make one, or make a dozen. The choice is yours:

  • 1 c filling = 3 Zipzicle™ ice-pops
  • 2 c filling = 6 Zipzicle™ ice-pops
  • 3 c filling = 9 Zipzicle™ ice-pops
  • 4 c filling = 12 Zipzicle™ ice-pops

Find them on Amazon, here!

Healthy Otter Pop Benefits

The great thing about making your own healthy otter pops is that you reduce sugar intake, add fruit and veggies into your kids diet, and because there is liquid, they can be very hydrating! Here are some tips:

  1. Use ripe, in season fruit and they will be naturally a lot sweeter.
  2. Make a fruit or veggie smoothie and pour the leftovers into these Otter Pop molds for a quick treat!
  3. If you want a creamier texture, add a banana, coconut milk, or Greek yogurt.
  4. Add lemon juice, lime juice or blended raspberries to make a more tart Otter Pop.
  5.  If you have a fruit that is not very sweet, use honey or maple syrup to sweeten.

Healthy Otter Pops

Healthy Otter Pops
Serves: 4
Pina Colada Pops
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup pineapple (cut into chunks)
  • 1/4 banana
Blend until smooth. Pour into pop container and freeze. Creamy Strawberry Pops
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 10-12 ripe strawberries, rinsed and hulled
Blend until smooth. Pour into pop container and freeze.
written by
Natalie Monson

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Indi says:

Good idea. With all the focus on children’s health, you may want to mention choosing organic strawberries over conventional considering 1) strawberries are loaded with pesticides, and 2) the WHO recently listed glyphosate (roundup – which is used on all kinds of produce) as probably carcinogenic. And these pesticides don’t just wash off since they are absorbed into the fruit.

Natalie says:

These are some yogurt substitutes:
Coconut cream – allow a can of full-fat coconut milk to settle, skim cream off the top
Pureed silken tofu
Store-bought dairy-free yogurt – there are a growing number of dairy-free yogurt options available in most health food stores, including soy-, almond-, and coconut-based “yogurts.”

Heather says:

We made both of these, and that are both huge hits at our house! FYI Wendy, you can order Zipicles online. Amazon has them. I had ordered some last summer and didn’t get around to using them until now – now I am going to need to order more.

Wendy says:

Where do you get the zipzicle bags?

Farangis says:

What a fantastic idea!
I have a question though: what do you substitute the yogurt with since my girls are allergic to dairy and soy…?

Jenny says:

The kids’ current favorite treat is frozen healthy homemade reece’s peanut butter cups.

Julie says:

The favorite here is coconut orange creamsicles.

kayla says:

are they reusable

Me and my kids love pops. Specially the strawberry flavor, it makes our day. So easy to make and so yummy.

Alison says:

My kids love any kind of popsicle!

Abelone says:

The kids love frozen smoothies and frozen yoghurt. Acctually, not just the kids. I eat my fair share.

Karen says:

Yippee, this is AWESOME! I like to make ours with 1 c. of fruit puree, 1 c. apple juice, 1 c. homemade yogurt.

adriann f says:

my kids love frozen kefir pops!

Kera says:

Oh my! That’s awesome! I’m going to have to look into these!

conradgirls says:

Can’t wait to try this awesome invention!

Whitney says:

These would be so great to make my own healthier popsicles!

Yanira says:

Coconut and piña colada pops!

Denise A says:

This is a great idea. My son always wants me to buy him otter pops because he loves Popsicles. I would love to be able to make my own.

Tricia says:

Right now it’s mango or strawberry pops!! Like Zipzicles on FB!!

Julie H says:

I have been trying to rig some way to do this exact thing with no success all summer! We experimented with at least 10 different contraptions and I’ve just about given up. I am so excited it already exists! GREEK Yogurt smoothie pops! And Dr.Pepper pops for me if I can successfully hide them in the freezer 😉

Shalae T says:

These look really cool, smoothies would be our favorite.

kelly f says:

My daughter absolutely LOVES any frozen treat -, icepops, italian ice, shaved ice, froz yogurts, icecream. You name it she loves it….mom too!!!! Our favorite is making homemade icepops togetherusing fresh berries

Cristina says:


Emily G says:

DS loves ice cream cones – but he doesn’t eat the cone 🙂

Heather says:

Frozen Strawberry and yogurt smoothie pops.

Jackie says:

My little one loves plain yoghurt frozen – these would make ti so much cleaner to eat than in little shapes, or with a spoon!

Donita says:

My kids love ice cream. It would be great to offer them some healthy alternatives.

jessie harms says:

My boys love anything coconut 😉

Sharyl says:

My girls love frozen yogurt! I am excited to try the zipcicles, they look amazing! I won’t buy the otter pops because of all the sugar and coloring.

cori says:

my kids love good ‘ol otter pops. I love the idea to make your own!

Catherine Mericle says:

My son love ice cream. His favorite is chocolate but I bet he would et any flavor in front of him.

Robin says:

We love having a cool treat in the freezer in the summer!

Becky says:

OH! We LOVE pops at our house! Would love to win these! Will probably (definitely) buy some, even if i don’t win!

Tiffany says:

My kids love frozen pops, however it would be really nice be to able them healthier options to what is available in stores. If I was able to make my own at home I would be more willing to let them have their favorite treat everyday!

Anne says:

my kids and I made some rocky road popsicles, and they love any fruit, juice pops I give them!

Kristen says:

Sadly I don’t think my kids have ever had a popsicle but they do love ice cream! I’d love to share with them the fun of otter pops without sharing all the sugar!

Martine says:

I’m so looking forward to making these for my daughter.

Brianne says:

My kids avorite are Orange Juice pops 🙂

Sara says:

My kids love freezie pops and popsicles! I have been wanting to try making them homemade for some time but never get around to buying containers for them. The closest I’ve come so far is to freeze Simply Gogurt for them. 😉

Sarah says:

Pick me! Pick me! I have 2 little girls that would LOVE to make homemade, healthy squeeze-pops!

Heather says:

What a great idea!

Jessica says:

My three boys LOVE the strawberry pops we made out of the strawberries they picked.

Oh yeah! Those are awesome – my kids love those freezer pops, too, and I’d like to be able to offer a healthier pop. Especially since much of the natural or sugar-free stuff has other additives or is too expensive for my budget.

My kids would love mango pops!

Julie Vaden says:

I made some pops yesterday with my niece and she loves the strawberry lemonade!

Susan Neergaard says:

I love this idea, my daughter loves fruit but I don’t like all the sugar in frozen pops.

Amanda Hakola says:

I need these for my son who is allergic to everything (sugar, soy, dairy, wheat, corn, sulfites, chocolate)! I make him pops in other stuff but he totally misses having otter pops like other kids and sucking out the sweetness. I have never seen these and can’t wait to buy some and surprise my little man here soon!

TaraO says:

This is a brilliant product idea! My daughter’s favorite frozen treat is ice cream sandwiches, but she’d love a zipcicle, too!

Linda M says:

Chobani Champions, frozen, are our favorite. Kind of packaged like a Zipsicle!

Melissa says:

My boys love Popsicles, but we have cut out artificial food coloring from their diet since one has ADD they have not had any this summer. They would love this living in Las Vegas.

Last summer, my kids were obsessed with Otter pops that they got at camp and I refuse to buy them! I would love to try making a healthier version at home. Their favorite ice pop is mango, banana, carrot and plain Greek yogurt–reminscent of a creamsicle! I will be trying your recipes, too.

Sarah B says:

My kids love coconut icecream bars. Unfortunately they also love freezies that they sometimes have at school or neighbours houses. I have been trying to find a product like this to make my own for 2 years now. Thanks so much!!! Also, liked Zipzicle on Facebook 🙂

Jennifer says:

My kids love fudgescicles and otter pops, but since we’ve started eating healthier we haven’t been buying them. This is a great alternative!

Mandy C says:

My kids love pink lemonade blended with raspberries frozen

Liz G says:

My boys love all kinds of popsicles, I would love to make them homemade!

Machelle N says:

My kids love anything homemade & frozen!!

Shilpi says:

My son loves fresh orange juice popsicles wiht kiwi pieces in it

Linda Lalla says:

I love homemade pops. will try these recipes too. WOuld love to win the containers for them too! lol

Jeanne Wadsworth says:

I would love to offer these to my niece and nephew!

My kids love when I freeze smoothies into popsicle molds!

Cindy says:

Anything with fresh berries!

Sara says:

My kids love anything frozen, popsicles, smoothies… they would love trying these!

Catherine says:

We love to make homemade Popsicles but using these would be less messy!

Cortney says:

My kids LOVE pops!! Lime is his favorite- I would love to make my own for them!

Jamie Moore says:

My kids love frozen yogurt pops!

Lindsay says:

My kids love otter pops when other people give them to them. I never buy them because of the sugar and food dyes! I would LOVE to win!

Davis says:

My youngest only eats melted frozen treats (think milkshakes) so we let everything melt and he sucks it down–preference is probably a chocolate milkshake

Vanessa H says:

My son loves frozen raspberries with yogurt centers. He eats them like candy!

danielle major says:

my son loves berry yogurt popcicles. i have been making my own in freezer pop style but these look less messy.

Lora says:

My kids always beg for Otter Pops, too! But I just can’t stomach the idea of them eating all that sugar and artificial stuff, so usually we stick with making our own popsicles or buying the 100% fruit kind. My kids’ favorites frozen treat are popsicles or orange creamsicles.

marci says:

definitely blueberry, and it’s a superfood!

marci says:

definitely blueberry, and it’s a superfood!

Dana says:

My son loves frozen treats in all flavors! Awesome giveaway, thank you.

Diane says:

I would love to try all the flavors! Thank you! 🙂

Julie says:

My kids love most popsicles, but especially pineapple mixed with coconut milk. They request “healthy popsicles,” because it’s such a treat that I’ll let them have them for snack and dessert in the summer.

Diane says:

I would love to try all the flavors! Thank you! 🙂

Lindsy says:

This is brilliant! we’ve been doing snow cones with sugar-free flavoring. These are awesome!

Amy says:

We like filling up our retro tupperware ice pop molds with 100 percent juice blends. The pina colada recipe sounds awesome!

Dana says:

My girls LOVE popcicles…..strawberry and grape the most. I’d love to control the ingredients and add some healthy stuff to their treats! I “liked” the Zipzicles FB page.

Erin says:

We have been using our juicer a lot with fruits and veggies. The kids don’t always love to just drink the juices, but if we freeze them in pop form, they gobble them up!

Lisa says:

Strawberry watermelon

Julie says:

frozen yogurt popsicles!

Debora says:

My kids love strawberry rhubarb. With some almond yogurt….my son is allergic to dairy and 5 other foods too.

Julie B says:

My son loves the smoothies that we make in our blender, using strawberries, bananas and any other fruit we have onhand. And having these Zipzicles on hand would be perfect, because we could fill them up with any leftover amounts of smoothie!

Julie B says:

My son loves the smoothies that we make in our blender, using strawberries, bananas and any other fruit we have onhand. And having these Zipcycles on hand would be perfect, because we could fill them up with any leftover amounts of smoothie!

Becky says:

Any kind of Popsicle!

Jill says:

We love making our own homemade popsicles….these would be fantastic to have!! Thank you for the opportunity to own some of these great Zipzicles!!!

Janice Shah says:

Smoothies! I’d love to put the smoothies into these containers!

Janice Shah says:

My boys love smoothies, a nice cool treat for the hot summer days!

Mona says:

My kids love strawberry pops! Mmmmmm! Perfect for the summer heat.

Tiffany says:

I so need these. My kids love frozen treats. All of them, and I’m such a meany and say no. These are awesome!

Elissa says:

My kids love ice cream!

Lisa Holland says:

My kids LOVE otter pops. I love this nice alternative! They also love banana pops! Anything COLD! 🙂

Dawn Mifsud says:

My kids love popsicles and we make our own all the time but these would be great because they always like the plastic wrapped ones!

Kelly says:

My kids LOVE freeze pops but I don’t like how much sugar are in them. I would love to make my own healthy version with these container bags.

Laura says:

My kids love strawberry lemonade pops!

Amanda says:

My kids love frozen orange juice pops with blueberries in them

Melissa says:

I would love a chance to win these. My kids love Ice Cream and otter pops. Thanks.

Kristin says:

My kids would love homemade banana or rootbeer pops! YUM!!!

London Ingoglia says:

My family loves Greek yogurt pops. I add blueberry & honey to sweeten and they get devoured.

Tonya R. says:

Any kind of popsicle. I just got a Zoku for my birthday so we are excited to try that but these look awesome!

Jessica says:

Our favorite is freezing leftover green smoothies. Don’t like green? Add blueberries. Just the right amount of sweetness (all natural, of course!). Want it sweeter? Add raw honey. Blend with 4-6 fruits and veggies!

Amy Kiradjieff says:

My son loves otter pops, but I hate the sugar. These look awesome! Our current favorite is mango lemonade Popsicles.

Alena says:

My kids LOVE coconut anything! These would be great for strawberry coconut goodness!

Allison K. says:

My boys love our homemade fudge pops!

patty b says:

Pops minus sugar

patty b says:

Love the pops hate the sugar. Love your recipes too!

Tina says:

Frozen yogurt pops!! First time ever seeing these! Wow~Got to try them!

Carolyn says:

My kids love freezies but I never buy them. What a great idea! Can’t wait to try these.

Jenalyn says:

My kids love anything frozen. I’d love to cut down on sugar making my own!

Jerusha says:

I can’t wait to try these! My kiddos love Astro Pops, I can’t wait to experiment using these zipzicles to find a “healthier” alternative. Fun!

Genesee Schaufus says:

My kids love popsicles and these would be an awesome addition to our already homemade frozen yogarts 🙂

Jessy says:

These are so COOOOOL!

Melanie Chezem says:

Yum! My kiddos love orange, pineapple, banana!

Selina says:

Fresh mint, honeydew melon, agave and some ice. Very quickly smushed in the vitamin. These look perfect to put all of our concoctions in!!

Bonnie Adams says:

My kids love homemade strawberry, spinach and honey ice pops. They would love these too!

Colleen Dietz says:

We are all about greek yogurt and berry pops!

Heidi G says:

My Kids love pops like this, and I’d love to make them ones which were more healthy! This would be amazing!

Desirae says:

My kids would LOVE a creamy strawberry banana, I can’t wait to try the pina colada! Thanks for the recipes!

Sarah Hicks says:

So cool! It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” products!!!

Gwen says:

I have one that loves popsicles, with all their sugary goodness. The other wold probably take ice cream over popsicles, but any frozen treat will do for him.

Bridget says:

My kids love ice cream but making juice and freezing it in this container would be so much better for them.

Kylie J says:

Frozen water with some honey, lemon and pieces of fruit through it. Looks really good with all the fruit chunks through it!

cathy mendez says:

these are so perfect!

Sarah B says:

My kids love popsicles! The recipes sound so good! Great idea!

Corina Kelley says:

My kids love coconut milk and chocolate pops! I’d LOVE to try making these on the Zipcicles!

Christina says:

These are PERFECT! Thanks for sharing this! I am definitely going to be buying these for the kiddos and of course it would be nice to win some too! They would LOVE these in their lunch or as a quick smoothie breakfast or snack. Our FAVORITE is Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Ginger with Vanilla Almond Milk

Britney says:

My son has had cancer, and I want him to start eating healthier .. this would really help 100% .. He would probably like strawberry anything ~!

Emily C. says:

We love frozen bananas and they’re so easy too. The Zipzicles look great. Thanks!

Kelly W says:

I’d love to try these! One of our favorites this summer has been homemade Strawberry Lemonade pops. YUM!

Sheree T. says:

My kids love Otter Pops! This is such a great idea…I had no idea there was such a thing as Zipcicles!

Erin says:

My daughter (age 3) loves frozen fruit, Popsicles, ice cream, you name it!

Leah Ryan says:

My kids would love the creamy strawberry! And me too;)

Leah Ryan says:

My kids would love the creamy strawberry! And me too;)

Stacey says:

My daughter loves all kinds of popsicles!!! 🙂

Shannon Hartley says:

my daughter gobbles the creamy strawberry ones right up.

Michelle Asp says:

It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but we really like the simplicity of just freezing V8 Berry Blend or Naked Juice Red Machine.

Ana says:

My son loves ice cream a d the favorite flavor is always chocolate! he takes is after his mama 🙂
what a cool idea for summer treats!

Aimee says:

I’ve never heard of these before…how awesome!! I just liked them on FB. Crossing my fingers!!

Adrienne says:

These are a great idea! My kids’ favorite frozen treat is the homemade ice cream from the creamery a few miles away.

Kristin says:

My Rosie loves ALL fruit frozen… mostly banana and strawberries!!

skye p says:

My kids LOVE any kind of frozen treat!

Cynthia Bryant says:

My kids would love this! They love freezer pops and homemade popsicles and this would be perfect combination of the two. Strawberry is a favorite around here and is banana.

Kai says:

My kids love coconut milk, raw honey and strawberries

Sara K says:

I had no idea these existed! My kids love cool treats, but so far, I’ve had bad luck with my Zoku and we’ve just been eating Breyer’s ice cream in moderation.

maria says:

strawberry and banana flavor…I would really love to try these!!

Allison Peters says:

We call them freezies here in Canada… and I have bought the real fruit juice ones before, and i have also been known to wash out a freezie tube and re-use it with my own smoothie or juice, but there is always a potential to spill in the freezer. These are a GREAT idea! Just bought 3 packs! Would also be nice to win some free ones though! 🙂

Delawonderful says:

Strawberry Yogurt is our favorite flavor!!

Autumn` says:

I would love to win these! My girls love strawberry banana yoogurt pops we make at home, but they can be quite messy (they”re just 3 & 2 yo)! These would be really great!! Thanks for the chance to win, I also liked their FB page 🙂

Dana says:

My kids love strawberries, avocado, and splash of lemonade

April Biery says:

We make extra breakfast smoothies in the morning and freeze them. My son thinks he is getting something special when he gets to have a popsicle for breakfast and I know it’s good for him! 🙂
This packaging would make it even more fun! Thanks for letting us know about it!

Michelle Glynn says:

Ice cream is the kids favorite and the parents too!

Laura says:

My kids love ice cream! We haven’t tried otter pops yet, but I think they would love these homemade zipzicle recipes!

Miranda C says:

My daughter loves frozen fruit such as the pouches …i just put it in the freezer.

Brioni says:

Love these! I need to try them!

Tammy Dowell says:

My kids love kinds of frozen treats. I would love this and my kids would definitely love them!

Nicole Worrall says:

My kids love rainbow popsicles and coconut milk ice cream

Nikki says:

My son loves strawberry

Kasie says:

My kids LOVE popsicles and eat TONS of them! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

Celeste S. says:

My kids love milk shakes and fruit smoothies! Love the idea of making my own otter pops!

My daughter loves creamy fruit popsicles and chocolate ice cream the most.

Janine says:

My son loves all of them. I can’t keep them stocked between him and hubby. 🙂 I can’t wait to order some of these and try for myself. But would love to win some too. 🙂

Rachael says:

My kids love all forms of frozen treats, especially the popcicles with all sorts of nasty dyes in them. YUCK! Lately I have been making smooties and freezing those so these containers would be SOO helpful!!

Tracy says:

I love this idea! My kids love frozen OJ. I liked on Facebook too!

I would love to try these. We try to eat clean but I have not taken away ice cream/popsicles from my kiddos yet. KNOW I DON’T HAVE TO THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!!

Jessica says:

Frozen watermelon & bananas for us 🙂

Tina says:

My kids love pops but I have never tried to make them and think that it would be a nice change for the kids!

Lisa-Marie says:

Kiddos love my homemade smoothies but these Zipzicles would be an extra special and healthy treat!

Lisa-Marie says:

Kiddos love my homemade smoothies but these Zipzicles would be an extra special and healthy treat!

Joy says:

I liked you on Facebook. What an exciting product! My daughter loves frozen popcicles and these “freezie” type are so much fun! Strawberry is her favourite.

Rebekah says:

We love frozen smoothie pops!

Debbie says:

I love this product idea so much! My daughter can’t have regular Otter Pops, because she’s allergic to artificial dyes. And every time we go to a parade, someone passes them out and she has to be reminded that she’s not able to try them. I will be investing in a set of these for sure. For now, I’d say her favorite frozen treat is good ol’ ice cream.

Alison says:

I love these recipes! I have reusable silicone containers for making ice pops that I bought on Amazon. They are awesome!

Jenn F says:

Perfect! My kids fav treat are Popsicles … and so on point here, I hate all the sugar in them! I would LOVE to try these but my boys love purple so I’d have to try a recipe with blueberries 🙂 Yum Yum!

Marisa says:

Mango coconut orange smoothie pops are my boys’ favorite. 🙂 They’d love these. What a great idea!

holly says:

we love all your recipe ideas you share!!! we want to try filling these with homemade frozen yogurt

Jen Williams says:

My kids love frozen yogurt pops!!

Jenni Huffman says:

My kids love smoothies and frozen chobani champion tubes! It would be awesome to make our own!!!

Jen Williams says:

My kids love frozen yogurt pops!

Jenn Kniss says:

MY Daughter Loves Strawberry Banana!

Adrienne says:

Oh how awesome are these. My son wakes up and runs to the freezer outside and brings me the otter pop he wants for breakfast. (Which we then battle over because of course he is t having one for breakfast.) but all my kids love anything frozen.

Alyson Skinner says:

My boys love yogurt or ice cream pops!!

Tanya Arentsen says:

My child is still on breast milk only but loves to teeth on frozen items and this would be awesome for the transition to real foods!

nik h says:

The child I babysitt has been loving the fruit and veegie popsicles weve been making mostly apple and carrots

Karen Quick says:

Any “red” flavor!

Lisa Lombardi says:

My kids love homemade berry Popsicles 🙂 excited to try these recipes. Thanks!

Krystal says:

My kids love frozen Juice Plus+ Complete smoothies! These little containers would be perfect!! 🙂

Betty says:

I am looking with this kind of wrapping for popsicle/zipcicle. In the Philippines, stores sells like this and when I visited there I always buy a lot of wrappers and so I can make for my kids.

Naomi Polovich says:

The creamy strawberry pops

kim russell says:

My kiddos love push ups!

Catherine D says:

My kids love frozen ice pops and it’s hard to find 100% juice ones. I also love them in the winter for sore throats. Would love to make my own.

betsy says:

I would love these! I make smoothie pops but the container doesn’t work well so would love these!

Dawn Burton says:

My children love homemade vegan ice cream and popsicles :).

Lauree says:

Would love to give my 2 year old something sweet without the sugar to help cool off in this muggy summer we are having. She would love the Pina Colada pop!

My daughters LOVE frozen yogurt and smoothies… what could be better then it all together in a pop form?!

Julie says:

My son LOVES the creamy strawberry pops!!!

cathy says:

Ice cream is their favorite frozen treat. We’ve been loving popsicles too this summer – esp just plain, frozen fruit juice.

Amber Mullis says:

My daughter loves popsicles but i’m not a fan of how much sugar is in them. Would love to try these.

Jamie Busman says:

My kids LOVE freezer pops! I’m betting they would love all of the recipes you have posted – which would make me happy (no added sugar or food dyes!)

Jane musters says:

I want to try all the favors

Leah b says:

My kids love almost anything frozen. We love to be creative and try new recipes or make up our own! Would love to try these!

paula b says:

My son loves anything with frozen yogurt!

melanie says:

my kids love frozen smoothie pops!

shirley downes says:

My kids love home made 100% juice Popsicles and I think they would love some of these. 🙂 I think I may try out the pina colada recipe in the popsicle mold tomorrow. 🙂

Elizabeth Williams says:

My kids love frozen treats in general! But they’re always asking for popsicles. These would be so much fun!

Kathy engen says:

Kids love the chocolate pops

Andrea Lansing says:

My son LOVES pops! He wanted one for breakfast today. Tonight I am going to freeze some orange juice in my pop molds so he can have an OJ pop for breakfast tomorrow. What else would one have for breakfast in 90-degree morning weather? 🙂

My girls are Popsicle fanatics! Any kind of frozen treat they love! Would love to try these & make our own!

Jennifer S. says:

My daughter loves frozen yogurt pops and frozen blueberries!

Maria Hughes says:

My kids love our homemade strawberry Popsicles!

Mamabelly says:

My kids love everything frozen! Frozen Lemonade, Pops, or just simply frozen fruit! I would love to win these and cut out the junk! Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy E says:

My kids love homemade popsicles. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes on the zipzicle website. I also liked their facebook page!

Karen H. says:

Otter pops ARE my favorite frozen treat! Thank you so much for these recipes!

Jennifer Marlock says:

My kids love pops! Would love to try and cut the sugar!

Shavonne Anderson says:

My kids LOVE the creamy strawberry pops 🙂

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Healthy, Happy Eaters.
Join over 100k + subscribers and get family-friendly recipes, picky-eater strategies, lunch-packing tips and more, delivered each week to your inbox.