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Gift Guide for the Healthy Woman

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Need gift ideas for the health-conscious women in your life? We’ve got you covered from healthy cooking to relaxation!

If you or someone you love is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it can be nice to have some gadgets, gear, and glam that help make your healthy lifestyle fun, motivating and exciting!

The Perfect Gift

Hatch Restore

Getting good sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. This smart sleep assistant helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Caraway Non -Toxic Pans

Make sure that your healthy cooking isn’t being tainted by chemicals! Ditch the chemicals with Caraway’s ceramic-coated cookware. The complete set has everything you’ll need for healthy cooking in your kitchen, staying organized with both the pot and lid holders, and looking good while doing so.

Ninja Creami

Create the creamiest healthy ice cream you have ever tried! Lower sugar, higher protein, or just regular ice cream – they all turn out so thick and creamy you won’t believe your tastebuds!

Coconu Personal Lubricant

Coconu is an organic lube and I’ll never use anything else! It is something you will reach for every time because it makes IT even better. It will awaken your senses while the organic ingredients provide real, natural health benefits.

Veggie Chopper

With this chopper, you can effortlessly julienne, chop and slice vegetables making it so easy to eat more veggies! I use mine almost every single day.

Walli Phone Case

When you are on-the-go- sometimes you don’t want to take your entire kitchen sink with you! This phone case is my favorite I’ve ever had. I keep my essential cards in my case and I’m good to run out the door at any time! These cases are not only super good, but they are durable, functional and definitely a must have!

Stress Gummies

These gummies contain L-theanine which has been shown to help calm your brain. So whether you need to concentrate in the morning, get through and afternoon slump, or calm your brain before bed – these gummies have been a lifesaver for me!

Owala Water Bottle

This is by far my very favorite water bottle I’ve ever used! It is designed for either sipping upright through the built-in straw or tilting back to swig from the spout opening. The lid locks shut and so you don’t have to worry about tipping or spilling! Great for protein shakes, pre-workout, and any drink you want ice cold! Plus the colors are so fun!

Ember Smart Mug

There’s no better way to share warmth than a favorite drink at just the right temperature every time! This mug keeps your drink at your preferred temperature for up to 80 minutes on a full charge or all day on its redesigned charging coaster!

Wellness Tea Gift Set

A variety of premium 10 assorted gourmet teas handcrafted to allow the delicate leaves to beautifully unfurl in hot water, producing a deliciously aromatic, flavorful cup. Made from only the finest whole tea leaves in the world, blended with aromatic fruits, spices and herbs.

Happy Light Therapy Lamp

This mood therapy light uses a clinically tested LED lamp used to treat disorders caused by light deficiency. Bright light therapy can lift your mood, help boost your energy and help you feel happy when you aren’t getting enough sun light and natural light.

Portable Blender

Blend fruit smoothies, protein shakes and your favorite icy drinks right in the jar and then put on the travel lid to double as a to-go cup. It’s lightweight and fits most car cup holders. Perfect for those times when you have to run out the door!

100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Made with 22 momme mulberry silk, this pillowcase has been shown to absorb significantly less face cream than cotton, so it helps keep your skin’s moisture and valuable face and hair products where they belong, unlike other common satin pillowcases.

Laneige Lip Glowly Balm

My very favorite lip balm in a convenient pocket size for easy, on-the-go application. The formula contains murumuru and shea butters that provide powerful hydration and lock in moisture longer. Plus the flavors are amazing!

Heated Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager

Wrap this comfortable shoulder massager around you, turn on a heating massage and prepare to be soothed into relaxation. It is lightweight and portable, will easily fit into any travel bag, gym bag, or carry-on for anytime you need to release some stress tension!

Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 

This high-quality matte ceramic cover looks like a piece of pottery in your home.  This diffuser scents rooms of up to 500 square-feet, making it perfect for any room. It has an automatic safety shut-off feature built into the device, turning the diffuser off when water runs out. There is also an optional LED light that gives off a soft glow for added ambience.

Hydrocool Firming Eye Gels

These help firm, tone and de-puff delicate under-eye skin within 10 minutes. Extensin proteins help to firm and tone, hexapeptide helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow and helps reduce puffiness. Perfect to end a stressful day or in the morning to start your day off right!

52 Mindfulness Cards with Action Plans

A happier way to start your day – Make every day mindful with these mindfulness self-care cards with daily affirmations for women, designed to bring joy to your day, support calm and clarity and empower you to tackle the day with ease.

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