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Baby Food Recipe: Apple-Avocado

Baby Food Recipe: Apple-Avocado. Baby food! So creamy and perfect as a first foods!

I need a baby to feed! I’ve been getting loads of emails for homemade baby food, so I decided to start making some. Yesterday, I broke out the fresh avocados and my homemade applesauce for some baby food experimenting.  My token neighbor baby taste tester was napping when I made this, so I couldn’t test it out on an actual baby.  However, the finished product looked so good that I actually ate it myself!

Baby Food Recipe: Apple-Avocado. Baby food! So creamy and perfect as a first foods!

I have a huge regret! I wish I started feeding my kids avocados from the time they were little. Avocados are an amazing healthy fruit! Did you know that 1/5th of an avocado has only 50 calories but 20 vitamins and minerals! Talk about dense. Avocados are perfect for babies. They contain:

  • Folate
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin E
  • and Iron
  • Helps with brain and nervous system development!
Baby Food Recipe: Apple-Avocado. Baby food! So creamy and perfect as a first foods!

So, here is how the baby food went:

  • 1 avocado
  • 3 tablespoons apple sauce
  • 1 tablespoon water

Blend in a blender until smooth and creamy.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge.  Mine is almost 24 hours old, and there is absolutely no discoloring!

Baby Food Recipe: Apple-Avocado. Baby food! So creamy and perfect as a first foods!

And boy was it creamy!  When my neighbor said her baby was sleeping, I did what any food blogger would do, ate it myself! I used it for a sandwich spread on this whole grain wrap, added some chicken, and it was divine!

Baby Food Recipe: Apple-Avocado. Baby food! So creamy and perfect as a first foods!

So, send your babies over for some creamy avocados!!

These avocados were provided by Paradise Grove Avocados.

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Avos, one of my daughters first baby foods. We were lucky to find Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op so all her food was home made. I would cook everything in my small 1.5 qt crockpot with a few drops of water then blend to the right consistancy for age adding water or home made fruit sauces(apple, pear, peach etc). No a crockpot is not required to cook the veggies or fruit but with other children its nice to put it on and not have to stay right there til finished or worry about it when you are called away(never happens right?). a fav combo was and still is avo and black beans or rice (obviously when age appropriate), with just adding a few spices to MY portion I could eat too and not have to act like a short order cook. too often we get stuck serving the mfg jarred veggies and forget that there is a vast cornicopia to choose from. My daughter(now 3yrs) is far less of a picky eater and had less tummy troubles when new foods where introduced than my son(8 yrs) who sadly didnt have the same opportunity he was a jar food baby. To this day he is less likely to try something new this could be personality but you never know. The great thing is make up a batch of something, freeze a portion so you have a variety on hand making sure to label. no need to have fancy storage containers look for freezer safe BPA free food grade containers or use use ice cube trays and transfer to ziptop bags(LABEL AND DATE!) We now continue to put up our own home made applesauce tomatoes etc and my kids dont seem so picky that mom made the chicken nuggets or ketchup or fries. It really doesnt take more time once you get into a routine and is healthier and cheaper in the long run. Sorry such a long comment. I just cant say enough about this topic. Stephanie O’dea crockpot 365 blog got me started but really its fresh produce a dash of water to help “steaming” and cook on low until done. puree using whatever tools you have. BTW I love the rubermade containers shown in the blog pic. great size for baby food now or sending small portions in lunches later or condiments.

Amy, If you would freeze all your baby food in little ice maker containers I would come buy it from you. Seriously, let’s work out some kind of deal. My little girl would love this stuff in a month or two!! And it sure would make my life easier!!!

You can always use Jackson! I haven’t found a food he doesn’t like yet, so I am sure he would love to be a taste tester 🙂

Kendra: Love it! All great advice. I appreciate you taking the time to share 🙂
Julie Anne: LOL.. I’ll save you some (wink)
Emily: I didn’t realize he was eating already! Time flies!!

Hooray for baby food posts! I haven’t started Lucy on baby food just yet, but it has definitely been on my brain and I definitely want to make it myself if I can. Thanks for the post!

Dear Kendra,
Nice to see this recipe here.
Avocado is my daughter’s favorite.
I am Brazilian living in Istanbul and here everybody looks funny when I give this to my baby but you know avocado is a super fruit for baby. It is great also when your child has constipation. I love to mix it with milk a little bit of sugar and some drops of lemon and start the day like that before going to work. We all know that being a mom and working at the same time requires lots of energy!
Cheers for you all!

Tried this recipe today and it was wonderful! I used cinnamon applesauce to spice it up a little. My son absolutely loved it!

Hi! I love your website! I want to try this for my daughter just starting out on solids but when I click on the applesauce link it doesn’t work for me?