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12 Candy Free Valentine Ideas


Skip the sugar while sharing the love with these adorable candy free valentines ideas!

I really love Valentine’s Day. I love the colors and the pretty hearts and cupids that are hanging everywhere. I love the message of love and celebration of love that surrounds Valentine’s Day. However, what I do no love about Valentine’s Day is the plethora of candy that seems to come along with it!

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sweet treat, especially one that is enjoyed in the name of celebration. However, I feel like sugary processed candy has stole the spotlight of so many holidays, this one included.

I know I’m not alone, and I have to say, in my years of teaching I’ve seen some pretty creative candy free Valentines come through my class. I love that!

Candy-free Valentines don’t have to be fancy or complicated to be just as fun and exciting as the sugary ones! I’ve complied a little list of some of my favorite candy-free Valentines ideas to help get you guys inspired!

Most of the candy-free goodies seen here can either be found at the dollar store or bought in bulk for minimum cost at a party supply store. Also, the list has something for all ages, so no matter the age or interest of your little Valentine, you are sure to find some healthy inspiration!

12 Candy Free Valentine Ideas

1. “I Like How You Roll”  from Thirty Handmade Days

valentine with a matchbox car on it

Image credit: Thirty Handmade Days

2. “You Blow Me Away” from And We Play

mini bubble wand valentines

Image credit And We Play

3. “Our Class Would Knot Be the Same Without You” Friendship Bracelets from Dandee

Image credit: Dandee

4. “Float Away With Me” from Oh Happy Day

valentine with heart shaped balloon

Image Credit Oh Happy Day

5. “You Light Up My Life” Glow Sticks from Little Bins for Little Hands

glow stick valentine with a light bulb picture

Image credit: Little Bins for Little Hands

6. “Love Bug” from Dandee

jar shaped valentine with a toy bug

Image credit: Dandee


7. “You’re exSTRAW Special” from It’s Always Autumn 

heart shaped fun straw valentines

Image credit: It’s Always Autumn

8. “You Are Dinomite” from Sweet C’s Designs

dinosaur valentines

Image credit: Sweet C’s Designs

9. “You Make My Heart Spring” from Thirty Handmade Days

colorful plastic heart shaped slinky on a valentines

Image credit: Thirty Handmade Days


10. “Doh You Want to Be My Valentine?” from Bright Green Door

a young boy holding play doh with a valentines message on it

Image credit: Bright Green Door


11. “Hope Your Valentine’s Day is a Ball” from My Frugal Adventures

bouncy balls in a valentines bag

Image credit My Frugal Adventures

12. “You Color My World” from DIY Candy 

valentines with crayons taped on them

Image credit: DIY Candy

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This is an awesome idea. So many parents don’t want their children to have candy, and some children cannot have candy. Thanks so much!