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Cucumber Flowers with Yogurt Cheese Spread

Have you tried making yogurt cheese yet?  It's just plain yogurt, sent through a strainer to thicken it up.  We've made it before for a strawberry bagel spread, but we decided to make it again for a savory spread.

Cucumber flowers with pepper yogurt cheese spread

To make the yogurt cheese:

  • Scoop plain yogurt into cheese cloth (double layered), over a colander, over a bowl. My only colander is super huge, so I used the steam basket from my rice cooker.
  • Put in fridge till desired consistency (the longer in the fridge, the thicker it will get)  But generally overnight at least!
  • Remove the cheese from the top of the cheese cloth.

making yogurt cheese


yogurt cheese homemade.jpg

Then, for this savory spread, we used our yogurt cheese and added finely diced bell peppers, and just mixed it together.  One bowl with orange bell peppers,and one with red.  Then, we spread the pepper cheese onto cucumber slices!

Yogurt Cheese Spread with Cucumbers

Yogurt Cheese and Pepper Spread with Cucumbers

Then, we sliced our cucumbers at a diagonal so they would be long and petal like.

Then, while I was looking in a box in my back closet, I found my mini cutters! I literally lost these in July, and even had bought some new ones that I had never opened.  That is why you haven't seen too many artsy posts lately.  So, of course, I wanted to use them this morning.   These next cucumber pepper flowers were easy, and I'm not a food artist by anyone's standards! I just cheat with my  mini cutters.

cucumber flowers with sticks

Start with some slices of cucumber and peppers

Making cucumber flowers Using nesting mini cutters, cut a larger shape out of your cucumber, and a smaller one out of the pepper.

cutting cucumber flowers

Then using the same smaller cutter, cut the center out of the cucumber.Cucumber and pepper flowers

Then, simply nest them together.

finished flower

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09/19/2012 4:02pm
If you don't want to use or buy cheesecloth, I've used a paper towel and it works just great. If you have the super cheap paper towels you might want to use two so that it doesn't rip. (I usually use the Costco brand) I've heard you could use a coffee filter too if you have those around. Just thought I'd save someone a trip to the store if they didn't have cheesecloth handy. ;)
09/19/2012 4:16pm
Really?? That's awesome because even if I remember to get it, I always forget where to buy it!
09/20/2012 3:54pm
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09/20/2012 8:19pm
I love the bell pepper flower in the cucumber flower. These are 2 things my daughter will actually eat.
09/24/2012 3:01am
[...] of cute food, Super Healthy Kids shared Cucumber Flowers with Yogurt Cheese Spread.  I think this would be cute to make for bridal or baby [...]
03/21/2014 12:32pm
Where did you find those cute little flower nesting cutters? Thanks.
03/24/2014 10:35am
Christine, we get them at the craft store by the molding clay.

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