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Juice Plus +
Juice Plus +
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Tools For Teaching and Grant Opportunities

Current Nutrition Education Grants

Lesson Plans- School Age

All Ages

  • Teach kids about the new Choose MyPlate icon and the history of the USDA’s messages with this powerpoint.
  • 26 page presentation including the 2010 Dietary guidelines for Americans: Fun Fit and Healthy

Healthy Classroom Party Ideas!

Staff Wellness Ideas

Cub Scouts!

Choose My Plate

Our Choose MyPlate products now come with instant lesson plan download!  Complete with printables for your students.

Get help teaching the new MyPlate with our


    puchase choose myplate plate

Physical Education! PE Lesson Ideas here

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10/05/2012 9:19am
How fun! It's great to teach kids about health while they're young.
03/13/2013 10:16pm
Great Man... Congratz... Lesson Plan are awesome
05/29/2013 4:47pm
Does your company work with elementary schools to improve the quality and choices provided in school lunch?
05/30/2013 11:52am
Hi Tiffani, right now we only work with local schools (mostly cause our kids are in them!) Hopefully soon we can branch out!
05/30/2013 3:37pm
I'm in Davis County, Utah so please let me know when you branch out to this area or how I can get involved in making some changes myself.

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