We're Amy & Natalie, the moms and nutrition experts who created Super Healthy Kids.
Here's what we believe:
Serving fruits and vegetables with every meal promotes great health.
Eating in balance builds a positive relationship with food.
Sharing meals creates happy memories and healthy habits for life.
We're guessing you're here because raising healthy kids isn't always easy.
You're busy. Every day.
Between school drop-offs, work schedules, and kid activities, it's hard to find the time to make home-cooked meals for your family.
You struggle with picky eating.
Sometimes it seems like nothing but a box of mac and cheese will make your kids happy. You've run out of ideas for ways to encourage them to eat.
You're short on ideas and motivation.
Maybe you're even eating the same five dinners on loop. When you're in a meal rut, you can barely stay motivated to keep cooking.
Here's how we help:)
Fresh Recipe Ideas
We share thousands of kid-friendly recipes from our own family kitchens. All our recipes feature delicious fruits and veggies.
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We provide strategies and encouragement to help your kids overcome picky eating. Because we've been through it, too!
Time-Saving Prep Tips
We teach you to prep ingredients super efficiently in the kitchen, so you can keep family mealtime running smoothly.
Family Fresh Meal Plans
Discover new, kid-friendly recipes in your meal plan every week. All our recipes feature delicious fruits and veggies.
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