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Springtime Bird Nests


My kids have never had coconut macaroons, and I loved them as a child.  So, I found this awesome recipe (one of the few without sweetened condensed milk).  The only thing this one (from Alton Brown) had was:

  • egg whites, (totally healthy and good for you.  4 egg whites has 16 grams of protein)
  • a little sugar, (this just makes it taste good)
  • some coconut,  (also a power food!)

They turned out great!  I ate three. My husband had several.  But my kids, the little stinkers, weren’t exactly fans.  My husband and I were both shocked they didn’t like them.  However, I should have known. They have never liked coconut.  I had hoped these cookies would change their mind.


Coconut Macaroon Recipe

I whipped the egg whites until stiff


Perfect nesting place for the wounded bird we found in our garage last summer.

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I didn’t know that egg whites had that much protein. I also didn’t know about the flour trick with our altitude. I wonder if that would make a difference with some recipes. (I’m an AZ girl).

Those cookies look yummy and fun.

First I love Alton Brown.
Second I’ve never been a huge coconut fan either, but my husband is, so possibly my kids could be too, so I’ll have to give this recipe a try for their sake.
Third, really PGHS!
Does this mean you live in Utah county?
Thus the high elevation?
You add flour to everything?
What does that do?
I live close to Utah county and not being the best baker ever I wonder about these things. Anything to make me a better baker. Perhaps all i’ve needed is a little flour to make my baking that much better. ;D

Mmmm! I love macaroons. I almost bought the macaroon mix with the last Alisons Pantry order but decided against it at the last minute since I’m trying to not spend money on junk food. However, making it from scratch would be okay! 🙂 I’ll have to try these!

Thank you Marla! Hooray
Gina- Egg whites are perfect!
Hi Rose,
Are you in Utah County too? We live in Lehi, but my running partner lives in Pleasant Grove with a daughter heavily in Drama.

High altitude has lower air pressure which for some reason messes with baking. (something about the flour being drier, the water evaporating faster, and flour “strengthens the structure of baked goods.” Here is a great website http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes2008/high-altitude-baking.html that has adjustments to be made at high altitude. I almost always add 1/4 cup more of flour while baking cookies. I’m not sure what happens if I don’t? I always have.

Go PGHS!!! 🙂
Liz- you are awesome! Thanks for always making a comment 🙂

YUM. I’m making these today. They are calling my name. My kids go in and out of liking coconut, which is okay, because more for me! haha
We tried your monsters for breakfast the other day. I have never like runny eggs, but my husband loves them. So he was excited, one kid was half okay with it, and the other gagged the whole time, bless his heart for eating it all. I scrambled my eye, and ate mine fast so no one knew 😉 The next day they asked for them again, but with scrambled in the middle instead. Today…same request! Thanks for making food fun and healthy for us!!!

Chelsea- I’m glad they ate it! The more I am learning about eggs in my nutrition class, the more I’m convinced they are such a perfect food!