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Dried Apples

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These cinnamon sugar Dried Apples are perfectly chewy, sweet and absolutely amazing! Make these when apples are in season and then enjoy all Winter long!

Cinnamon Sugar Dried apples in a white dish with red apples in the background

How to Make Dried Apples

Step 1: Peel and core the apples. If you don’t have one of these apple-peeler-corer’s, I promise it is totally worth buying. Not only for this recipe, but my kids love to use it just to eat apples regularly.

Step 2: Cut down one side of the peeled, cored, and sliced apple so you have individual rings.

Step 3: Dip both sides of the apple in cinnamon sugar mixture. I used about 3 to 1 (3 Tablespoons sugar to 1 Tablespoon cinnamon)

Step 4: Arrange on a tray and dehydrate for about 6-8 hours.

Dried Apples in a white dish with red apples in a bowl

Apple Picking

It is such a fun activity to pick apples with your kids. When kids see where food comes from and make a connection, they are much more likely to eat and enjoy that food.  There are lots of orchards that let you come pick apples. Pick Your Own is a great site to find orchards to take your kids to pick apples.

Cinnamon Sugar Dried apples in a air tight container with red apples in the background

Apple Drying Tips

  • We tried cinnamon only (because why not, we like it on fresh apples)-  It did not taste good on dried apples. You really need to combine it with sugar.
  • This makes a sticky mess!! Even inside your dehydrator.  Cover the bottom with foil to catch the syrupy sticky apple sugar drippings.
  • We tried apple pie spice instead of cinnamon- DELICIOUS!!
  • We tried coconut sugar with the cinnamon- SUPER STICKY!  But tasted pretty good.
  • Take them out before they are too dried out- the leather feeling is what we went for.
  • Store in paper bags- without them being overly dry, storing in plastic bags sort of rehydrates them and they aren’t “dry” anymore.
Cinnamon Sugar Dried apples in a white dish

Best Apple Varieties for Drying

Gala and Fuji: Both are sweet apples that make your dried apples taste like you’ve added sugar even when you haven’t! 

Granny Smith: Granny Smiths respond well to the heat of the drying process and maintain a crispness. They are more tart than other apples and are less sweet.

McIntosh: The sugar content concentrates during the process in these apples and produces an exceptionally sweet dried apple.

Golden Delicious: Like McIntosh’s, their sugar concentrates and caramelizes during the drying process, producing a sweet, crisp dried apple.

Cinnamon Sugar Dried apples in a white dish with red apples in the background

Cinnamon Sugar Dried Apples

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Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: dried apples
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 15 minutes
Servings: 10


  • 10 medium apples
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon


  • Peel and core the apples. Slice into rings or use an apple-peeler-corer-slicer.
  • In a shallow bowl, mix the cinnamon and sugar together.
  • Dip both sides of the apple rings in cinnamon sugar mixture.
  • Arrange apple rings on a tray and dehydrate for about 6-8 hours at 160° F.
  • Store in a paper bag to keep the apples crisp but slightly chewy.
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Mmmm, I bet that cinnamon will taste great on there! I love making dried fruit of any kind really; it’s always a quick snack after you’ve made everything and it’s healthy!

These look so delicious and they aren’t that bad for you either! My kids will love this and I won’t feel guilty when I eat them too. It also looks like something pretty simple that the kids could pitch in and help with too.

Been wanting to buy a dehydrator for ages now but never taken the final step. I have tried drying fruit in the oven at really low temperatures but it has never seemed to work out for me.
Looks like the next logical move would be to just buy a dehydrator. The dried cinnamon apples sound so tasty! 🙂

This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever. The photography is incredible, my friend! That first picture… Wow!! You have GROWN through the years! And I love the pictures of your kids working together to make this yummy treat.

BTW–I have one of those apple peelers, if you ever want to borrow it on a whim. (unless you’ve gone and bought yourself one in the meantime)

looks so good .i will try it. i have not seen where to buy dehydrator in Nigeria. can i do this with an oven or mircowave.

Huh. I always just sprinkle a little cinnamon on mine and they turn out great, no sugar needed. I wonder what we do differently, or if my family just has different tastes. Love your blog!

Beth- It was almost too dry- like that dry cinnamon taste that you get if you take the “cinnamon challenge”. Perhaps when we tried it, we just used too much cinnamon.

I dont have paper bags, would an air tight container work or is that similar to the plastic bags, and it “re hydrates” them?