Why aren’t they eating their carrots


Its interesting what my kids will be honest about.  They lie about brushing their teeth, but they told me yesterday, You know the carrots you put in my lunch, I don’t eat them!”  The little stinkers!

I had a frank talk with them this morning. “Look kids, you must eat vegetables for lunch.  It will help you learn better in school.  So you choose. I’ll make a little tiny side salad with dressing, or you can just eat your carrots. What do you choose.”

Flip flopper

I don’t like salad


“Yes you do! You eat it every night

Flip flopper

How about we make a fruit salad


We could make a green salad, with fruit on top

Flip flopper

Or a fruit salad, with carrots on top





I can’t even taste the carrots!  My fruit salad is so good, and it has vegetables, and it will make me smarter

So next came cereal boy…Me, “Would you like a small green salad in your lunch, or a bag of carrots?” He chose green salad.  Then I asked if he wanted carrots on top with ranch, or fruit on top with a sweet dressing. He chose sweet.  I put the dressing on the bottom of the bowl, so he could mix it up when he got to school.

The moral of the story:

The whole point of this blog is to empower them to make good choices.  To get your kids to the point they will want to eat well whether you are looking over their shoulders or not.  On their rode to independence, they can be a leader among their peers and encourage healthy eating.  They can Make it the “cool thing” to have a salad in their lunch.  But most importantly, engage them in the process and let them make decisions.

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I have a hard time eating raw carrots by themselves, so I dip mine in hummus, but to put them in a salad . . . It’s not as good, so I grate my carrots (even old dried up ones work fine) and put the grated carrots in my salad and it works! I eat them.

I’m kind of with them – I’m not a big raw carrot lover. I’d rather eat broccoli. My daughter always liked raw carrots.

It’s amazing how innovative the kids can be if you let them.

Mandarin oranges, cranberries, cherries, and strawberries are all good with lettuce. Grated cheese is good too.

Now I want a salad…