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Homemade Rice Cakes {Strawberry Flavor}

Ah, the plain old rice cake.. It hardly gets any respect.  People talk about the rice cake as if they are only useful for dieting or starving, and their story never ends in satisfaction or satiety.  But we love them! We love topping the plain ones with peanut butter and bananas, and we also love the flavored ones, even though they are laced with salt and artificial flavorings.  But, I ask of you, What's better than artificially flavored rice cakes?  Ones made with real food for flavor of course!

We had some dried strawberries, which made the perfect addition to our sweetened rice cakes.

strawberry ricecake- super healthy kids copystrawberry rice cakes for kidsstrawberry rice cakesFlavored Rice Cakes- Super Healthy Kids

Making homemade rice cakes with a little flavor is as easy as deciding what you want to add.  We make them savory with a little Parmesan cheese, or we make them sweet with the ingredients below and a little honey.

Strawberry Rice Cakes

  • 3/4 cup low fat milk
  • 2 TBL honey
  • 2 TBL flour

(In a saucepan, over medium heat, combine milk, honey and flour until smooth)

In a separate bowl, add:

  • 3 cups cooked brown rice
  • 1/2 cup chopped dried strawberries

Stir the warm milk mixture over the rice and strawberries and stir.  Form into patties by dipping your hands in flour so the rice mixture doesn't stick to your hands.  Use liberally to mold rice cakes.

Spray a hot griddle with cooking spray.  Cook patties on both sides until brown, like pancakes.

You could make this with white rice, but why? Brown rice has:

  • 349% more fiber,
  • 203% more Vitamin E,
  • 185% more Vitamin B6,
  • 219% more magnesium, and
  • 19% more protein.

more than White!!

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Tana Ingram
07/25/2012 1:26pm
Great idea! Is that cooked brown rice?
07/25/2012 1:48pm
Yes,... not the actual store bought rice cakes to the right- but the homemade ones.
07/25/2012 2:04pm
Can't wait to try this! Awesome, as always!
07/25/2012 9:21pm
Love it! I'll totally have to try this one!
07/26/2012 12:04am
Amazing!! I've never had a sweet rice cake in my life. :D
Pauline Taylor
07/26/2012 12:46am
I love rice cakes. I will definately try these.
07/26/2012 7:53am
[...] Healthy Meals and food for Healthy Kids /* [...]
07/26/2012 8:53pm
My first thought is who makes their own rice cakes. Then I think, those look great and my family would love them. I am so making these. You rock!
07/28/2012 8:56am
[...] am definitely going to be trying this recipe for Strawberry Rice Cakes from Super Healthy Kids.  I bet they taste way better than store [...]
09/08/2012 3:16pm
[...] recipe here. Share this: Pin ItMoreEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like [...]
03/08/2013 7:19am
This is great! I have 2 kids that have a gluten allergy and since gf bread is so expensive, we actually use rice cakes as bread lol. They love them as pb&j :). We can't do strawberry due to allergy, but I'd assume any fruit or berry would work? And do these keep or is this an "eat right away" type thing?
03/08/2013 8:07am
Hi Colleen! I think other fruits would be delicious- and peanut butter on top would be a great idea. We've kept these just for a day or two, but they taste best right away!
06/17/2013 11:45am
Hi! Brilliant reciipe! Definitely will try it, but using raspberries...found them today in the market at a very good price! My question is, could these beauties be baked instead of preparing them in the grill? If so, for how long? Also I will be experimenting using white rice, cant find brown rice in the cupboards... Awaiting your response, kind regards!
06/17/2013 11:48am
I have not tried it Lorena, but If you do, I'd love to hear how it turns out!
08/08/2013 2:46pm
I'm trying to find snack recipes for my 1-year old. He loves the organic toddler fruit & veg snack bars I grabbed the other day but I'd rather give him something homemade, however I LOVE the ease of handing him a snack with grains & fruit and letting him munch away. So many of the recipes for things like that on here have honey. Can agave be substituted? I have never used agave before.
08/15/2013 10:58am
Defin. use agave!
02/06/2014 7:27am
Agave should be avoided. It's over-processed at high heats and I believe it is high in fructose. Although it doesn't raise blood sugar it's not good for the body. Your best bet is just organic cane sugar (or honey or maple syrup). Stick to as simple and natural as possible. The key is to just use less of it!
Andrew Falk
10/21/2013 2:25pm
I dont know how you made these. Tried to make them at home. I'm a fairly experienced cook but none of the rice cakes held. Good idea, bad recipe.
10/21/2013 3:41pm
It's been awhile since i made these! I'll have to try again and see if I have any reason it stuck together better. I do know that some rice is Much stickier than other brands! What brand of rice did you use?
Joanne Magley
12/10/2013 10:17am
Hi.. will these turn out crispy and dry like the commercial rice cakes? That's what I want :-)
12/11/2013 5:40am
No they are not that crispy. Maybe I should try them in the dehydrator?!?
02/06/2014 7:32am
This is a great recipe but I would recommend sticking with white rice. It's strange saying that because up until just a few months ago I believed brown rice to be better too. It may contain all those great nutrients but sadly they are not absorbed by the body because of phytic acid (which is removed with the bran). If you eat grains, they should be used as an addition to other foods with a lot of fat because they don't serve the body with many nutrients and the fat helps you to balance the sugars in them. Anyway, my son loves rice and I would like to add these to his lunch since we don't eat bread. Thanks for the great idea!

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