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Homemade Fruit Snack: Frozen Yogurt Raspberries


Raspberries are definitely one of my favorite fruits.  We have some neighbors that have a huge raspberry patch and sell us raspberries every year at a great price.  They are just starting to come on and I bought a bunch to make jam, but we have been snacking on them too.  Raspberries by themselves are delicious, but this is a fun twist for a summer snack.


All you will need is some yogurt (we used Greek), a pastry bag (you can also use a Ziploc with the corner cut off, and some raspberries.  Fill your pastry bag or Ziploc with your yogurt.  Then put it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden it up just a little bit.


Once you feel like it is frozen up a bit, but not solid, put a squeeze in each raspberry.


This took about 45 seconds - which is good because my girls were staring these down the entire time I was doing it.


And voila - done.  Beautiful, tasty and packed with nutrients.


For a little festive flare, serve them up with some blueberries as a fruit flag.


It is a good thing they only take 45 seconds to make, because they will also be gone in about 45 seconds. My kids loved these............obviously...........just a little bit.


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07/02/2012 7:33am
These look great! :) Thanks for the amazing summer idea! Check out my latest recipe @
07/02/2012 11:45am
These look delicious! I actually just {yesterday} made some chocolate-filled raspberries! I'll have them up on my blog soon, if you'd like to take a peek :-)
07/03/2012 10:51am
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07/03/2012 7:16pm
This is so simple. I'm sure my niece would love to have this.Thanks for sharing.
07/14/2012 11:06am
[...] healthy snack! Easy and great for children!!  Click here to see step by step pictures!  Frozen Yogurt Filled Raspberries [...]

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