All Natural- No Dye- Rainbow Snow Cones!

These Rainbow Snow Cones, give a whole new level of health to this favorite, sugar laced summer treat!  With pure fruit and vegetable juices, and of course the right presentation, there was not one child who refused to eat one.  Here is the complete step by step of how we made these refreshing treats!


Step 1) I found snow cone cups.  This step alone was the only reason my kids wanted to try one.   They loved them!  You can find them anywhere they sell snow cone supplies (I found mine at Walmart).

All Natural and Healthy Snow Cones.jpg

Step 2) We took a cereal box in order to make a snow cone holder.  The box should be somewhat deep, in order to hold them.  Cut circles out of the top by tracing a bottle cap (like a pill bottle).  Then let your kids decorate the box with paint or paper.


cherrio box for snow cones homemade snow cone holder

Step 3) Juice fruits and or vegetables!  We chose

  • 1 beet and 1 strawberry for red.
  • 1 orange for a yellowish color
  • 1 yam plus 1 carrot for orange.
  • 1 celery stalk and 1 green apple for green.
juicing for snow cones

Step 4) Put juices in a small squeeze bottle (I buy these by the kitchen gadgets or the cake decorating supplies)

healthy dye free snow cones

Step 5) Shave the ice!  I put a few handfuls of ice into a good blender, and it literally came out like snow!

homemade snow cones


Step 6) Let your kids squeeze on the juice!   Beets and yams may not sound like a delicious smoothie combo, but it was interesting how willing these kids were to eat them.  The flavor is pretty subtle anyway, with the ice being so overwhelming. It’s definitely not the same as DRINKING Beet juice!  the only trouble I had was with the celery/apple.  It came out a little too thick for our taste. My juicer does not have a filter to really strain enough of the pulp.

diy healthy snow cones make your own healthy snow cones

So, what do you think?  Do you think your kids will eat them?  Let me know if they do!



I love this idea! As long as my daughter doesn’t see what I’m juicing, I think she’d be down with it. One flavor at a time, though. She’s one of those kids who won’t eat things that are combined.


Absolutely brilliant!!! Love all of your great ideas. I have read a lot of studies about the dangers of food dyes and I love that you are giving wonderful options. You two are true inspirations!


Quick question could you explain how you juiced your items together. Did you use your blender and add some water or is it a special juicer that you used. I’m hoping I can use my blender for this. My kids have been asking for those HORRBILE icy squeeze things they sell all summer with all the so NOT good artificial colors. This would TOTALLY win them over and hopefully make them forget the others we had last summer before I knew about all this healthy alternatives. :)


I used a juicer for the juice, and a blender for the ice. I don’t know any blenders that will just let you juice things, while removing all the pulp. A juicer is a great investment though.. Most of them are under $100!!

Lora R.

I am doing this for my son’s b-day party. I am borrowing my friends snow cone machine and putting juices in the containers. I am also making a rainbow cake using beets, spinach and fruit for coloring.


Wow really awesome! You’ve done a great job. I know kids will really love that because they love many colors. And this is really perfect for them because its nutritious, right?

Lora R.

My son’s b-day party was a hit. All the kids had mulitple snow cones (I had a snow cone machine) and I did not have to worry since it was juice and they just used a small amount for each one. The cake was a hit as well, using all natural dyes using fruits and veggies. Thanks for posting!

Jessica C.

If you have a high-speed blender you can blend the fruit/veggies with water and then strain through a nut milk bag. (I haven’t tried it yet, but I will when I make these!)


Forget the kids, I want one! In the summer I always see a snow cone and think it looks so delicious, but then when I try it they are always way too sweet! Not only do I love that these do not have artificial coloring but I bet they taste so much better then the mass produced, high-fructose corn syrup laced ones!


My Children love juiced watermelon, orange, and pineapple smoothies I’m going to try it on the sno-cones. I’m allergic to corn syrup so this will be great for me too. thanks for sharing!


We’ve made these but used passionfruit (yellow), mulberries (dark red) and kiwifruit (green). Sweet and healthy!


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This recipe is great, but the post was ruined for me with the photos of a Cheerios box being used for the stand. Thank goodness it was covered up with wrapping paper, BUT why advertise for that horrible company if you’re concerned about eliminating bad stuff from your kids’ food?

Lori brown

For a lower cost blender solution… I cannot say enough about the ninja! It is awesome! And about $65.00. It rates right up there with the vitamix per consumer reports. Love that thing!


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Eva wagner

I wonder if you could cheat and just use slightly watered down green machine ( and blue, red, orange).


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While most juicers are under $100, bare in mind that these are centrifugal force and heat the juice, so will not have the health benefits that a cold press juicer has, but still a much better alternative. I want to try this. I don’t have a cold press juicer yet but wanted to point out that there is a difference in nutritional benefits for those who want to buy a new juicer. Apparently the cold press ones are slower to use, so this is a bit of a downside when I juice 2 to 3 weeks worth and freeze it. Glad that there is an alternative to corn syrup, as I am also very intolerant to corn. Never thought of the syrup being made from corn but never had to, as I have not had these since discovering my allergies and intolerances but wonderful to know they are so easy to make and healthier alternatives are available


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