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13 Recipes to Cook in a Rice Pot (Beyond Rice!)


You can cook more than rice in a rice pot! 

Since the quick and incredible rise of the Instant Pot, I forget how much I loved my rice pot (or rice cooker!).  Not only does it make the perfect rice, every time, but I also love it for other foods besides rice!  I love that you can make all the food in one single pot (less clean up), and that you can walk away from it while your food is cooking, without spillover, as what always happens on my stove!

13 foods and recipes you can make in a rice pot

How does a rice pot work?

A rice pot or rice cooker cooks food by heating the pot and sensing when it reaches a particular temperature.  With a pot inside to put the rice in, a heating element to make it  hot, and a sensor to know when the food is hot enough to shut off, you can usually get the perfect rice.   The weight of the food creates contact between the pot and the heating element.  Once in contact, the metal of the inside pot conducts that heat to the food.  And with heat, your food begins to cook!

These are my 13 favorite things to make in a rice pot!

You don’t really need recipes to cook other foods in a rice pot.  In fact, there are many foods you only need to be aware of that it’s POSSIBLE to cook in a rice cooker, not just rice. So, I’ve rounded up the things I cook in my rice pot, with links to the instructions on how to do it.

6 foods to cook in a rice pot or rice cooker
  1. Steel cut oatmeal (or rolled oats) We’ve been making oatmeal in our rice cooker for years.  Especially grains that take a long time to cook, like steel cut oats, it’s great to cook in a rice pot so you can walk away from it and let it cook at it’s own time.
  2. Taco Soup I remember the first time I realized you can make soup in a rice pot. We were headed out to a soccer game, and came home to a completely cooked dinner!  It’s amazing.
  3. Quinoa Once I tried quinoa in the rice cooker, I’ve never gone back. Fluffy and tasty every. single. time.
  4. Hard Boiled EggsJust like the instant pot, you can also make hard boiled eggs in the rice pot.
  5. Macaroni and CheeseDid you know you could do this? Our friend at Weelicious has a recipe you must try.
  6. Steamed vegetablesMost rice cookers come with a steaming basket. I’ve linked to someone sharing how to steam broccoli, but you can use the same method for other veggies as well
  7. Mashed PotatoesUse the rice pot to cook the potatoes, and then remove them to blend and add your seasonings
  8. ChiliJust like taco soup, chili works as well. I love the recipe I linked to because it’s meatless chili with wheat berries for bulk.
  9. Bread! Banana breadDid you know this was possible? Check out this banana bread!
  10. Wheat berries I like wheat berry salad or to have it for breakfast.
  11. Beans Beans can be added to so many different dinners, so get to know how to make beans in your rice cooker (have you tried cooking garbanzo beans in the rice cooker, and then blending it for hummus!! YUM!
  12. ApplesauceUse the rice pot to cook your apples, and then simply mash or blend them with some cinnamon! SO GOOD!
  13. Cheesy dips Melt cheese for your next game day party, and keep it warm in your rice cooker.

What is the best rice pot?

I love the Aroma Pot! I’ve had two of them, and it works great!  It’s large and can hold up to 8 cups of rice. There’s a delay setting so I can set it to start cooking just before I get home from work.  And, I love that it comes with a steaming tray for veggies.  And for what you get, it’s the most affordable.the best rice pot to buy

But, if money is no object, the Zojurushi has the best reviews on Amazon.  One thing that people consistently say about it, is that it lasts forever! I admit, I’ve had two Aroma’s because it doesn’t last forever, but one Amazon reviewer said she had her Zojurushi for 20 years! Another bonus is it takes up less counter space, and has a detachable lid (which I would LOVE to be able to wash it)

So, whether you are using an instant pot or a rice pot, don’t limit yourself to just rice! PLEASE SHARE: What would you cook in your rice cooker?


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Thank you a bunch for this recipe video. I have been in self isolation far away from home as my son and I cannot travel on account of his SLE. This site has been the guide I so much needed. Cooking rice is the combination of art and science. Thanks a milly.
I sometimes see chefs sprinkling salt and olive oil when preparing rice, whats your take on this?
And would you get the same results if you used short or medium grain variety?

Hi Merry, sure, a little salt and oil is fine on rice. And you can cook any variety of rice in a cooker.

Can’t stand the pop up video or I would have stayed to read the article or actually subscribed to the blog but not if I have to deal with annoying pop up videos that block the whole area I am trying to read and won’t go away!

Hi Bella, thanks for your feedback. Ads are a fact of life for us, and I know they’re not ideal for cooking! We created the Prepear app to let you browse, save, and cook recipes easily, without intrusive ads. It’s free and all my recipes are already on it: https://app.prepear.com/