gluten free recipes for kids

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Help for Parents

The journey to healthier eating for your family doesn't have to be frustrating.  You can start by learning how to prepare food that your kids will find tempting.  We have some resources to help you do this!


  • We have a robust new recipe index! The best feature is to search by a specific fruit or vegetable.  Depending on what is in season, this feature will be helpful as you try to use the produce on your counter, from your garden or local farmers market.  


  • Check out our favorite nutrition books and cookbooks. Each of these books align perfectly with our food philosophy of eating whole, natural foods, with the focus of our kids diet to be on eating fruits and vegetables!

Recommended Products: 

  • We designed our popular kids section plates to teach kids what a balanced meal should include!  We love this, but we also love all portion style products for feeding our kids.  We also have some fun kitchen tools that we find helpful in the kitchen.


  • We have some fun printables that reinforce nutrition lessons, or help track your dietary goals!

Dietary Recommendations:  

  • Are the recommendations for what to feed your kids confusing? We don't think it should be and we like to keep it simple.  Check out the simplified version of the new USDA recommendations here.


  • Join our conversations over on Facebook!  We have a large group of like minded parents who share great ideas that work for them!  Also, check out our pinterest boards.  It''s a great place where we can share ideas we find all over the web for making nutritious eating fun for our kids!

Meal Planning: 

  • Without a plan, it's more difficult to get healthy food on the table.  We have FREE meal plans with a focus on fruits and vegetables that we can send to your inbox every week!  We also have an expanded version of those meal plans for website members with the shopping list, recipes, and pictures.  Find out more here.


Help for Educators

Nutrition Lesson Plans:  

  • If you are intersted in teaching the new MyPlate guidelines to your students, check out our free lesson plans here.  We also have full lesson plans with student printables with the purchase of our plate and lesson plan.