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Whole Wheat Bread


If you haven’t already made the switch from white to whole wheat bread, there is no reason to wait.  I believe this is one of the easiest changes to make.  My kids have always eaten whole wheat bread so it’s never been an issue in our home.  One day however I decided to buy some white bread, and ketchup boy refused to try it.  He said, “I only like the brown kind of bread.”  I was surprised he liked wheat bread so well. I didn’t realize we had never bought white.  However, they are still hesitant to try any multi grain type whole grain bread.  You know, the kind with seeds and nuts.  The flip flopper literally tried to pick out every single nut and seed, leaving the slice of bread a big holey mess. So I guess my tip of the day would have to be, start with smooth whole wheat bread and loo for one high in fiber.

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My kiddos prefer “brown bread” too! They also like sourdough–easy to find without sugar–but turn their noses up at Wonder bread. I’ve been making whole wheat bread at home with honey for the sweetener but also just saw that Costco sells 2pks of 2pound loaves for $3.39 in my area; no HFCS–I think the only sweetener was raisin juice–and 3 grams of fiber. I’ve never tried the “crunchy” kind–I’m sure my kiddos would spit out the chunks too! LOL–your friend’s story is too funny! I used to tell my son that Kashi bars were “candy bars” and raisins were “candy!”–the reverse of “muffins” and “yogurt” I guess 🙂

Yum, I’ve never checked costco’s bread. I’ll have to pick some up next time. I LOVE homemade bread, but I eat it too fast! I usually tell my kids raisins are “fruit snacks” because packaged fruits snacks are nothing but candy.

Sound like breakfast at my house…

“muffins” and “yogurt”!
I think my kids would DIE of starvation before giving up their “Grandma Sycamore”
white bread! I will have to give it a go and see…


I’m with your kids, I love Grandma sycamore’s white bread! However, the grandma sycamore’s wheat is not to shabby. They’ll fight you for a while, but it will save you money cause you aren’t buying bread so often.

whole wheat bread is one thing we already do, although my kids do like white, I just don’t buy it. I like the wheat bread they make at Reams here in springville. .. it is only 1.09 a loaf, and really good!

That’s a great price. I even shop at the Day old bread store, and the good bread is still like 1.25! Unless you buy the really old bread, it goes to .80 cents. But who needs bread that will mold the day after you bring it home.