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Where are all the Chinese jump ropes?


Great indoor/ winter activity for kids!  Chinese Jump rope! Only problem is, I can’t find one! Instead, I caught my Erica and her best friend tying a piece of yarn together and using it as a Chinese jump rope.  It just doesn’t have the same effect without the elasticity.

I’ve browsed three stores! Target, the Dollar Tree, and Walmart. No one has one.  Amazon has them, but then I’ll pay shipping.  $6 for the rope plus shipping.  I’m sure I could sew a long piece of elastic together from the fabric store, but I should be able to find a real one, don’t you think?

Anyway, it was reminding me of elementary school. We used to play every recess.  1978-1984. We had all kinds of rhymes and songs… of which I can’t remember any of them.  All the youtube videos only have jumping routines, but no lyrics.

So Help!  Can you remember any of the songs, or have you seen any Chinese Jump ropes at any stores?

For more ideas on getting active in the winter, I added a link to my sidebar for Michelle’s Active Family blog! Check them out!


Postscript:  Thanks to Susan who commented about looping rubber bands together!  I love it, and Erica is already making one:

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I don’t often post on you blog, but read it often for the great ideas.

Make your own jumprope. In elementary school we used to get a bunch of rubberbands, tie them together (well, not really tie, but loop them like we used to do with the jelly bracelets), and then play every recess. I don’t remember any songs we sang with them, just that it got harder and harder to do 🙂 Hope that helps.

Of course! I know exactly what you mean.. in fact I may have even done that in elementary school. I certainly remember doing that with bracelets. Thanks for responding!

I had to make one for my son with a long elasticy like band. I taught him cats cradle. He loved it, until it broke. If anyone finds one let us all know.

I found one years ago, I want to say at the $1 store. It was one of my favorite activities, so I picked it up. I was hoping my kids would be interested, but they dont’ seem to be. I also was trying to remember all the different rhymes, etc hoping to spark some interest.

i found one in a kitchen shop of all places! we haven’t used it much, but certainly will dig it out again during this arctic freeze we’re having!

Ginny- I really thought our dollar store would have one. I know they have before, but not when I checked this week.
That is a strange place to find one!! It’s one of those things you see in odd places, and then when you want it, you can’t find them anywhere. I have the same problem with poscicle molds. They are everywhere until I go to buy one!

I think this one was for a jumprope, not the Chinese kind:
Not last night but the night before
24 robbers came knocking at my door
as I went out to let them in . . . (I can’t remember the rest)

Funny, I saw one the other day at a Five Below store; it came wrapped around a book – I should have gotten it since they’re gone now! I remember one sort of rhyme from when I was a kid: “On it, in it, side by side, on it, in it, out it…” and of course you were jumping on the rope, then both feet inside, then feet straddling each side of rope, etc… We’ll have to try the rubber bands!

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Chinese jump rope, hope you found it by now since you posted this article, but i got mine from IKEA!

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