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Vending machine’s in school


Hot topic!!  Many of you will be surprised by my position on letting companies put vending machines in schools.  Because I do not oppose vending machine’s being placed in schools! I know, I know what you are saying, “How could you Amy! How could you support something proven to further deteriorate the health of our children!”  But let me explain.  I don’t support vending machines in school…but:

  • I do not believe eliminating temptation from children is the best way to fight obesity! 
  • If we don’t teach our kids to make healthy choices, DESPITE their environmental temptations, it will be a losing battle.
  • Once they get a job or even accompany you to get your oil changed, there will be VENDING MACHINES!
  • We will never be able to remove junk food from our environment. Kids can learn to make good choices on their own, without us wasting tax payer money to take away choices and freedoms.

What do you think?

And PS.. I’m so surprised so many of you have had trouble with your garden too. I’m actually glad. My husband and I don’t feel so lame now.


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You are right. There is temptation everywhere. WE have to teach our children to make wise decisions and food choices are one of the most important decisions we make over and over and over again.

I completely agree! I have a sugar hound for a son and I am having a hard time teaching him about choices though, and I don’t know what else to do….any ideas? They serve chocolate milk at school and it bothers me b/c he won’t drink the regular milk when chocolate is in front of him. This is just one example. I’ve tried letting him choose 2 days to drink the chocolate milk and the rest white, but he says the white milk in cartons tastes funny and makes him sick. If you have any suggestions, I’m open!

Sarah: Have you tried sending a juice box to school instead (the kind with 100% juice?)? My kids also like to bring their own little 8 oz water bottles.

It’s a tough one for sure. All I can say is keep talking about the choices you think are better, and one day (it may take awhile), but one day it will click with him.

Good luck!

Hmmm…I would have to disagree with you on this one. I am completely and totally against vending machines in school. Yes, they’ll have to face temptation later on, but they are barraged with temptation in (and out) of school already. How are they to learn to eat properly when the school is setting such a horrid example for them? I think that of course a parent has to set the tone, but I also think that it’s a schools responsibility – one that most seem to take all too lightly – to teach by example good food habits.

So, yeah. We have to teach them to resist that temptation and go for the right choices, but I’ve already seen how swaying it is when an entity that my child trusts (like a school) implies that a product is ok for you because they serve or use it. Shame on schools for allowing vending machines on their premises!

I really want a vending machine in my school because in my middle school there will be one so I think elementry has the rights to have one to.

I agree. I understand not having them in elementary schools but, in middle or highschool it should be about choice. We need to teach our kids what is right and how to make right choices. I had vending machines when I was in school and I did not always eat well and I had a pop everyday but, I never got fat. I ate healthy other times. Eating or having a bad drink at school will not make you fat unless that is all you eat at home too. Older kids have a right to a choice and we need to quit trying to control so much.

I agree that if we don’t teach our kids to make healthy choices, DESPITE their environmental temptations, it will be a losing battle. My mom and I discussed yesterday how it would be better if schools provided healthier choices in their vending machines instead, rather than junk food as the only options. I’ll share this with her later. Thanks.

Nice content and ideas and totally agree. As much as possible the contents of vending machines in schools should be healthy snacks.