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Vegetarian Tacos


Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  I enjoyed getting disconnected from the internet a little too much. I thought it would help me catch up on some projects,  but I still didn’t get anything done this weekend.

I’ve almost managed to get rid of all the packaged food in our house. The only processed food left is pretzels, cheerios and granola bars…and your occasional taco shells etc.  Our snack food consists of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and regular fruit.  which is actually somewhat limiting to my family.  Anything else has to be prepared, assembled, cooked or created.  This puts an extra burden on me as the mom to try and come up with an answer to the constant, “I’m hungry”.   Still looking for ways to make this easier.

I moved 100% away from ground beef in our tacos.  I’m not opposed to ground beef, but I have not found a good sale on the 95% lean ground beef in a long time.  The only affordable ground beef is 75% lean, and that is too high in fat for me.

So I crock-potted my black beans for a few hours, mashed them up, added taco seasoning and spooned it into our taco shells.   Quick and easy meal.


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What does the apron look like that is in the gift box for kids? Do you have any boy themed aprons? The catalog looks great, I love the aprons!!!

You have to be kidding me!?!?! I just started a search for some vegetarian meals. I am pregnant and meat makes me want to barf right now so I am looking for alternatives but still eat the same good things.

Tia, no boy themed aprons yet, And The apron in the box is the “flirty Apron” (that’s the brand name) just like I’m selling seperately.
Mary, I hope you like them. courtyney, I’ve never bought lentils, but I’ve been meaning to. I’ll check out that recipe right away.

I just found your blog! The tacos look tasty – and so easy, which is always great! At our house, we just throw corn tortillas into the microwave for a minute or so and eat them tostada style. They are harder than traditional store bought shells, but still yummy and much healthier!