To candy or not

I still don’t have anything to hand out tonight. For the sake of the integrity of my blog, I really wanted to get something to hand out that wasn’t candy. Spider rings, pumpkin erasers, etc. Not that I’m opposed to candy per se.. but there is going to be enough candy without me adding to the pile. And I’ve noticed the little guys that come to my door are just as excited to get little toys. Its the junior high kids that rather have the candy, and I don’t really care if they come to my door or not.  Lets just say the rest of the family really wants me to hand out candy, so I think I will oblige.

I have this crazy compulsion to count the number of kids that come to my door every year. I have a piece of paper and pencil next to the door that I mark tallys on. For some reason I must know how many come, so I can plan for them next year. We’ve been averaging about 75 kids per year.

As to the loot: As I mentioned on my post about all their Easter candy, I used to let them eat till they were sick, and then throw the rest away. But realizing I’m contributing to their gorge mentality, which I am cursed with, I figured a better way is to teach them that there is room in their diet for candy if they can be happy with one small piece per day. I would love to feel that way.  So, tomorrow, I let them begin to learn to ration their candy.  An incentive to see whos candy lasts the longest maybe?

Other ideas, my sister was driving by a dentist office yesterday and noticed a sign out front, “Cash for Candy”.  I thought it was awesome!

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Amy Roskelley

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Amy says:

WOW! Everyone has some great ideas… and Karen: You are right! It was mean and wasteful! I have so many horrible attitudes about food. So, I did put our candy high up in the cupboard too. My kids have forgotten about it mostly. The chocolate bars are mostly gone, so I can start forgetting that its up there too.

Karen says:

First time reader, I am loving your blog as I am attempting to teach my kids about healthy eating. Anyhow, we usually have the huge amount of candy at our house as well, but I don’t feel right about letting them gorge and throw out the rest (seems very wasteful, and kind of mean), so we let them have one or two pieces of candy after supper until it is finished. We put it all together (3 kids) and put it up high so that they can’t get to it without climbing the cupboards. It seems to work well, and it keeps me from thinking about it too much as well. We also have candy in our house from Halloween until the beginning of summer with all of the holidays being candy holidays now…

My local dentist is doing the same thing!

We don’t have any leftover candy because I had to raid my kids’ bags to give to the trick o’treaters coming to my house. We ran out so fast and I felt bad, so every time my son turned around I grabbed candy out of his bag and gave it to the kids at the door.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice that his bag kept getting smaller and smaller!

Tatiana says:

My husband’s family lets the kids choose a set number of candy pieces, like 5 pieces. Then they freeze the rest and save it to make gingerbread houses at Christmas. The good things about this is that the kids won’t eat all the candy they put on the gingerbread houses

Terrah says:

I heard of someone who uses the kids Halloween candy for the Christmas advent calendar… I thought that was a great idea.

Liz says:

Maybe you could give out chocolate covered nuts or raisins. Then at least it is something healthy mixed with the sugar! Or even little boxes of raisins, although I don’t know how expensive that is.

Susan says:

I did give out spider rings and little toys when my kids were young, and I guess it didn’t go over too well in the neighborhood popularity contest . . . because my 37 year old son recently reminded me of how terrible it was that I gave out spider rings and toys! How could I have known he would be labeled for life as the kid who’s family gave out spider rings and not candy! Oh well, I’ll be the first to admit I was not and still am not a perfect parent, but I keep trying.

Jen says:

We give out granola bars at our house. That way, if we have a ton leftover, it’s no big deal. Surprisingly, kids are actually excited to get them.

Emily says:

Yeah, but the toys are so EXPENSIVE! The good ones anyway. I always want to get that cool playdough to hand out. Whatever happened to silly putty?

cathy says:

I love the idea of giving out trinkets! I know that my kids are always just as thrilled with getting little toys and spider rings as they are with candy. Great idea!

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Healthy, Happy Eaters.
Join over 100k + subscribers and get family-friendly recipes, picky-eater strategies, lunch-packing tips and more, delivered each week to your inbox.