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Summer Meal Plan and Food Plate Ideas


I’m excited about posting meal ideas using the new “MyPlate” as a guide.  My plan is to start taking more pictures of our balanced meals, and keep the pictures here.  I find that following the new food plate icon is pretty simple, yet hard!  It’s tough to think of what to put with each meal to make them balanced, and then it’s challenging to get your family to eat that way.

Long ago I tried to issue a challenge.  I called it the “Change One Meal Challenge” If your family just changes ONE meal to be half fruits and vegetables, then you’ll be healthier.  So don’t be discouraged.   Take ideas from our meals or make your own and just think about making one meal more balanced.

Onto the meal plan…

Although we haven’t hit the double digit heat yet, simply being warmer is still a good reason to spend less time in a hot kitchen.

Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner
Monday Power Gold Smoothie Garden Lovers Turkey sandwich with baby carrots Strawberry Goat Cheese bruschetta. (looks good!) BBQ Chicken with black bean and corn salad plus baked potatoes
Tuesday Breakfast burritos (with salsa) Egg salad in whole wheat pita. Apple slices and celery Crunchy Fruit and yogurt parfait Lettuce Wraps
Wednesday Yogurt and granola with bananas Healthy Macaroni and Cheese with watermelon PB&J Truffles Tortilla Soup
Thursday Oven baked Orange French toast Asian Chicken Slaw Sliced watermelon plus walnuts Portobello Cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries and green beans
Friday Whole grain cereal (Chex) with fruit yogurt mixed in. Baked potatoes with green salad Apple wedges with peanut butter  Grilled Pork, red potatoes, and cucumber tomato salad


For the printable and past meal plans, visit our archives page.

Had to leave you with a picture of my 2 year old nephew.  Kids totally know what to do with a phone, don’t they?


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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SITE AND FOR THIS CHART!! I am a mom of a a 2.5 yr old picky eater and I am 8 months prego = crazy brain. I need pretty visuals to help me along and to plan meals like these! Thank you for showing us how its done! Seriously, so grateful!! xoxo