June 1, 2009 | Home >Healthy Kids > Menu Ideas > In the News >Summer Breakfast
Summer Breakfast
June 1, 2009 | Home >Healthy Kids > Menu Ideas > In the News >Summer Breakfast

Summer Breakfast

I’m making changes here!  I know from your emails you loved how I was categorizing my posts.  But I was struggling with so many foods crossing over into two, if not three of the categories.  SO, for the summer (I can’t commit beyone that) I am going to categorize by meals.  So, here goes:

MONDAY: Breakfast!!

p5310016-wince1When I called these muffins, Cinnamon Toast Muffins, my kids already liked it.  Before even trying them.  Its all in the name.  If I called them Oatmeal muffins with cinnamon, they would not have had the same reaction.  They were delicious!!  I’ve posted the recipe here.

I feel like declaring this the summer of the healthy muffins! I love sweet, whole grains for breakfast!  And making muffins ahead of time, then freezing, saves time and extra messes in the morning.

Other healthy breakfast ideas we had last week:

Watermelon Smoothie!  As soon as our fruit is no longer being eaten, I blend it up into a smoothie.  My kids overdosed on watermelon, then it sat in our fridge for a few days, so I made smoothies. The only ingredients were chopped watermelon and soy milk.watermelon smoothie

Next, Flip-flopper decided to try her hand at French Toast and didn’t want any help.  We love french toast, and its definitely something kids can learn to do on their own.  We do need a new griddle though. Our griddle lost its legs (OK, they broke off when I dropped the griddle), so we have to prop it up on an upside down cake pan.  But it works.

And, I still cut food for my kids, but I hardly helped in her making the meal.  She was sure to add a healthy dose of cinnamon.

And for me….6 out of 7 days last week I ate oatmeal, with soy milk and blueberries.  Its so comforting to me! A Warm bowl of oatmeal and the morning paper is what I imagine heaven to be like.


Enjoy your kids this summer! You will only have them for a few years, so have fun.

written by
Natalie Monson

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Susan says:

What would we do without our Quaker staple! I love old fashioned oatmeal all year. I throw lots of good things in it: cinnamon, chopped almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, dates, chopped apples, etc. Then served with soy milk. It’s the best and keeps me full until lunch. Bruce likes his raw all year. It’s good any way you eat it.

Beth says:

I know it sounds gross, but I eat plain steel-cut oats every morning for breakfast. Just a little salt, cinnamon and milk to make it mushy. I share my bowl with baby Mary and it helps me to start my day off on the right foot. I’m the kind of person that could eat brownies for breakfast, but now, even if I have a brownie at 9 a.m. at least I know I already had something healthy.
Mary and I love eating our oatmeal. And I feel like the lack of sugar helps the nuttiness of the oats come through. My friend Elicia says eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning helps keep her baby weight off. Sounds good to me.

Christy says:

I love oatmeal but I have trouble eating it in the summer; a hot breakfast doesn’t really appeal to me in hot weather. I could eat it in a muffin though and those cinnamon toast muffins sound delicious. Thanks.

Pam says:

Have I told you about my oatmeal drink that my kids love?! I can’t remember!!
I combine 1/2 cup oatmeal, some flax seeds and 1 cup of water amd cook for 1:30 minutes in the microwave.
While cooking I put 1 cup of milk (or soy) in the blender with a large cup of ice, cinnamon, a teaspoon or so of honey, a cap full of vanilla, and blend. A lot of times I add spinach leaves (which my kids like because you can’t taste them!) and/or strawberries, a banana, or peaches, yesterday I did strawberries and a carrot, just whatever you have, but good plain too.
If you try it and like it feel free to post it!

cathy says:

Can’t wait to try the muffin recipe! It sounds delicious! Love the idea of a watermelon smoothie too, but watermelon goes so fast around here that I’m not sure that it will ever get made. My mom used to make a watermelon sherbet with leftover watermelon. It was a great use for watermelon that was not quite there – either over ripe or under ripe. I would guess that the same is true of your smoothie idea.

Amy says:

Pam, I will definitley try your smoothies! Thanks for the recipe.

Jennifer says:

Um, there’s no cinnamon in your Cinnamon Toast Muffin Recipe. So, I added a Tbsp. They were good, but not cinnamon flavored. May try again with more next time!

Amy says:

Um, yeah that is lame. Some of these older reicpes have a few problems like that. It would definitely be better with a teaspoon of cinnamon!

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