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Want healthy meals your kids will love?

The Healthiest Donut Shop In Town


My next door neighbor gave me this fun idea because of an experience she had the other day with her 3 year old named Crew.  Crew was asking for a donut.  Rather than saying no, she simply cut his sandwich into the shape of a donut.  She said the funny thing was, he never said anything about it actually being a sandwich. He just ate it, satisfied that his mom gave him a “donut”!  Letter-S, for sandwiches today, is what we are calling, The Donut Sandwich!

While my kids are obviously too old to think a sandwich is a donut, they actually really liked this idea! In fact, both Erica and TJ made their own for lunch yesterday.

donut sandwicheshealthy doughnuts2 healthy doughnuts

I have a donut cutter (a circle cookie cutter, with another circle in the middle to cut the dough for donuts.  My neighbor however, just used two circle shaped things she had in our cupboard to make these.

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Once the kids are old enough to find out the difference and know they have been cheated, what will happen?

No Katie, I have never heard of dye free sprinkles!! I’ll start looking for them though and let you know if I find some good ones 🙂