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Peachy Green Icy Dream


We love green smoothies! But some kids might need to try their sweet green treat in a new way. For parents who just can’t get their kids to gulp down a green smoothie, try this Peachy Keen Icy Dream instead. This super simple sorbet is similar a green smoothie, just with with a little less liquid, and a bit of patience while you wait for it to freeze.

ingredients for green smoothie

We used:

  • 3 cups frozen peaches
  • 3 cups fresh baby spinach
  • only enough coconut milk to make our blender spin.  It actually ended up being almost a full cup, but not quite.

Then, we put the whole thing in the freezer for only a few hours, so it was still scoopable, yet the consistency of sorbet.

For extra nutrients, I stirred in some chia seeds at the end, before I put it in the freezer.

*The Fine Print: Just a heads up: this doesn’t taste like ice cream. It’s mildly sweet and tastes like exactly what it is: a frozen green smoothie. If you are in a *healthy transition, go ahead and add a little honey to sweeten it up. Otherwise, start young and get your kids used to a ‘less sweet’ flavor!

green smoothie sorbet 2
green smoothie sorbet

Ahhhh, delicious summer snack!!

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