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Chicken Nuggets, fries, and a toy.  What kids hasn’t wanted this for lunch? Yet, there is no reason to give in to the fast food industry when this meal is so easy to do yourself, with LOADS less salt and fat.

First and most important is the toy! Isn’t that what your kids really want anyway.  There was one series of toys at Burger King one year that my kids really wanted.  I actually went into BK and bought the toy only, and packed our own Kids Meals.  You could get dollar store toys or from Oriental Trading, keep them in your cupboard and include them in your packed lunch.  The decorate a lunch bag with stickers and markers.

Next, our chicken nuggets were a protein powerhouse!

  • The chicken,
  • dipped in plain yogurt (you could also use egg whites instead of yogurt, or follow Jessica Seinfelds idea of rolling in pureed vegetables.  I’ve tried this once, and the kids did not like that the nuggets were green.)
  • then rolled in a mixture of nuts, homemade whole wheat bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and season salt.
  • Then bake till chicken is cooked all the way through.

The meal wouldn’t be complete without french fries.  But to buy frozen fries from the grocery store, they are usually soaked in fat first before they freeze them. Its easier and of course healthier to make your own fries.  We have a fry cutter, but I think its much easier to just use a knife.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Great idea! Fortunately, fast food restaurants are not on my kids’ radar. The only time we eat there is when we’re traveling and not much else is available. But, my son does LOVE the toys that they give away. Might be a fun treat for a picnic this summer!

What a great idea! I need to make my own fries! I usually just don’t buy them since they are fatty and the highest priced items you can make yourself.

I have to complain about the ALL Bran ad here. I can’t close it and is blocking your post! I can’t read the first part of it! Pretty annoying! I click on it and it doesn’t close, just takes me to their website. 🙁

What a great idea!! We’ve done the nuggets and fries thing at home, but never with a toy. I am totally doing this with my kids! Thanx for the idea!

Hi! You might try dipping the chicken in something orange instead of green, such as carrot or sweet potato puree, or even cauliflower or white bean puree (although I haven’t tried these last two, but since they’re white, kids might not complain, and you would be boosting nutrient intake). Carrots work pretty well, I keep puree in the freezer in ice-cube shapes, and add it to all I can think of: rice, pancakes, orzo, hamburgers… As for the fries, you can also bake them: just wash, peel (or not), cut and toss in a bowl with some olive oil, salt and paprika, then spread on a baking sheet and bake in a high oven, turning halfway through. They get crispy and are really yummy, and you can also throw in some carrots and sweet potatoes along. I admit my kids are not big fans of these, but I’m hoping they will eventually trade for the fried kind (sigh, gotta keep trying!!)…

Hey, I was just looking for something to make my chicken “crunchy” and will try this (sans bread crumbs, of course). And how about turnip fries?