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Homemade Granola Bar


baking granola bars

These granola bars

I promise next week I’ll post food ideas that do not have a recipe!!  I know you don’t want to spend your lives in the kitchen.  Tomorrow’s dessert post requires no baking or cooking.

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No! I love you posting with recipes too! I love trying new things. You always have such great ideas and recipes!

Thank you Tatiana, I thought all of the mom’s out there were ready to strangle me thinking they want to eat healthy but have no time to cook.

Oh good! I’m always looking for a good granola bar recipe, and these do look good. I like the way you drizzled the chocolate across – that might be just enough to make any granola bar irresistible to my kids!

This is fabulous. We love the Fiber 1 bars, so hearing they are like those is a bonus. We get the Fiber 1 bars for 25 cents each at Costco, so I’m really excited to try these and save.

those look really good, amy. when ever I read your posts, I am always amazed at what you do. incredible, that is what you are!

Julie, they don’t actually taste like the fiber 1 bars (which I love too), they just looked like them to my 5 year old.
Robyn, I keep it to 2 cups total, not more.
Kristie, the only thing i’m great at is eating! I’m the queen of eating.

i had not even thought about making our own granola bars…but i have been non stop annoyed by the ingredients in the store bought ones that i can’t even pronounce. i can’t wait to try these!!!

It’s true Natalie. The other thing I like about this recipe is that it has ingredients that are always in my cupboards. Sometimes recipes have strange ingredients that I never keep on hand.

So Ididn’t even click off the page I went straight to my cupboards and whipped them up they were so easy and so yummy, thank you for the recipe I had just put granola bars on my list since my kids eat them so fast I needed more now I dont. Thanks again love your blog!

Hi Kristi,
This recipe is enough for an 11 X 13 pan. So it depends on how big you cut them. I like to cut them once down the length of the pan, and then cut them across. I probably get 16 good size bars out of it.

I just made these for my 2 year old twins, and they are gobbling them up – delicious! One question, though…is it just me, or between the brown sugar and the honey is there an awful lot of sugar? Have you ever tried cutting back on either the sugar or honey? Also, any ideas for making them more chewy than crispy? Thanks so much – love the blog!

Good call Suzanne- I think there IS too much sugar! When I first wrote this recipe, it seemed good at the time, but now with us eating better and better, I think I would cut back on the sugar next time.

I haven’t made these in awhile. But they were chewy when we made them. I’m sure if we didn’t gobble them up right away, they would probably get crispier with sitting out. I always slightly under cook things and they seem to be on the chewy side rather than the crispy side.

I will work on a new HEALTHIER granola bar!!

Best, Best, Best (one more time???) Best recipe! I made this last night because I wanted to get a head start on ready to eat snacks/breakfasts. By the time morning came around, I think my husband and I ate more than we should’ve, considering it was 2AM!

A few comments/questions:
* I used a 11 x 13 pan but it was way too big. How think are your bars in an 11 x 13 pan? I ended up using a 9 x 9 pan. Did I mess up somewhere?

*A previous poster commented on cutting back on the sugar. I halved the brown sugar and used agave syrup instead of the honey. Agave is considerably lower in sugar and tastes delicious!

*I also noticed that some of the edge pieces were crunchy – no problem! I used them as granola for my yogurt.

AWESOME recipe – I will be bookmarking this site and using ALOT of the recipes!

I’m glad you liked them Mari. I actually haven’t made them in so long, that I don’t remember how thick they were. If you prefer them thick, then I would definitely keep it to a 9X9 pan.

I’m so glad the lower sugar still worked. I’ll be making that change as well. 🙂

I made these today and they were great! The only mix-ins I had were white chocolate chips, flaked unsweetened coconut and almonds. Two of those things my kids would never touch (guess which!). Mixed in like this they never noticed. It is very sweet, but I’m afraid that lessening the sugar would make them more hard and we loved the chewiness! I made mine in a 9×13 cookie sheet and they came out about 1/2 inch thick. Thanks for the recipe!

I have these in the oven right now. I can’t wait to try them. I love all your ideas. On your snack ideas the main picture is of a popcorn snack with pretzels and things. I can not find that recipe. can you direct to the right spot. Thank youl

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you!! Pretzels and popcorn?? Do you have a link? I’m not sure what you were talking about?

We tried this last night and something went wrong. Ours are VERY crunchy and wouldn’t come out of the pan for anything. Parchment paper probably would have helped a lot and I’m guessing the baking time needs to be adjusted for my oven. I liked the ingredients and if we try it again I’ll try decreasing the sugar some.