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Raw Food Day! Jicama (Hick-u-mu)


The best thing about the raw food movement, is the simpleness of food prep! If you can use a knife or a blender, you can do raw food.


I went to a raw foods class at my local health food store last week, and they made for us some Jicama fries.  I thought they were pretty tasty.  I was excited for my kids to try them, but I guess they weren’t as excited as I was.  They were actually pretty stubborn.

“I want my fries cooked

“They aren’t french fries! They are different.  Its from a Jicama, not a potato”.

“I only like fries from potatoes”. 

You know the drill.  So maybe call them something other than fries, so they are judged on their own goodness, and not by comparison to the familiar.

But once again, I like to share anyway, for all you RAW-some parents out there who have kids a little more compliant than mine.

The raw food teachers used a fry slicer to cut their jicama up, but mine just must not be sharp enough. It was so much easier to just use a knife.

After Jicama was sliced we added to a bowl and mixed with

  • olive oil
  • salt
  • garlic powder

and wa-la!  No cooking, just coated with seasonings and done.  We ate our fries with some black bean burgers.  The friends I went to the class with thought they were great.  You can decide!  Let me know if you OR your kids like them.

cut jicama

Natalie Monson

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Yep, raw foods are totally easy. All you need is opposable thumbs! 😉

I really like jicama sliced finely in a salad. It tastes like a super crisp, less sweet apple.

I’ll try it in salad Cathy.
Glad to help Angee.
Thanks for your comment Swayze. I’m going to check out your site for sure.
I thought they tasted like apples too!!

I just tried Jicama for the 1st time and I really liked it. The taste kind of reminded me of sugar snap peas. I think I could get my oldest daughter to eat it, but the other 2 might fight me on it. Do you know what nutritional value it has? I mean, is it high in fiber, anti-oxidents, etc.?

Good question Sarah! One cup (100g) of jicama has only 45 calories, yet almost 6 grams of fiber and almost a full gram of protein! That’s a lot per calorie. Jicama is also a great source of Vitamin C. The vitamin C in fruits and veggies is a great antioxidant that helps fight inflammation.

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