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Nutrition Lesson Plan Grades 7-12




 Teach teens all about healthy balanced meals  with the simple MyPlate method.  Our prepared lesson plan makes it easy for you to teach an entire nutrition lesson with just minutes of prep time!

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Digital Download!

Complete lesson plan! Objective: Students will increase understanding of balancing calories, increasing healthy foods, and decreasing less-healthy foods in their diet through class discussion

  • Designed for ages 12-18
  • Includes an interactive food survey
  • Balanced meal approach
  • Encourages student interaction and learning through group activities



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"I love your site. I own a small home daycare ages 20 months to 3 years old in Brooklyn, NY. We work on teaching children at an early age about nutrition and engaging them with food activities. We love your recipes, and incorporate them into our meal plan very often. We also share with the parents to help spread the word in the community about healthy eating. Thank you for all the work that goes into having this website up. PS. The plates were recently ordered and they have been a hit!! Kids love them and seem to already be understanding better what goes on their plate"
"I just received the plates for my grandkids. I am teaching them about nutrition and exercise. As soon as they got them the youngest was in the fridge trying to find things to put on hers. I think this will help the whole family learn more about nutrition"

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