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Pocket Scrambles


One of the early reasons for the success of fast food, was the ability to eat an entire meal without a fork or spoon.  Our forkless breakfast solution: The Pocket Scramble.

My kids love this way to eat their scrambled eggs.  Once in a while, I can sneak some mushrooms, peppers, or carrots in their eggs, but they are much happier with more egg, less veggies.

Another benefit to our Pocket Scramble (especially on this first day of school), is the amazing benefits of eggs on young, developing brains.  Eggs are a great source of Choline, which is a component of Acetylcholine, a powerful neurotransmitter that carries messages from the brain to nerves.  The consumption of choline is critical during the first 6 years of life to ensure maximum development of the brain’s memory center.

Pair the amazing benefits of eggs, with a steady source of glucose from the Whole Grain Pita, and we’ve got a perfect recipe for getting our kids from breakfast till lunch at school.  Without the dips and spikes in blood sugar white bread would provide.

So, we’ve paired, convenience, brain development, and energy and came up with the perfect first day of school breakfast:

scrambled egg in pita

The Pocket Scramble

DSC_0055Nathan, eating his breakfast:

DSC_0066  Then, I returned to the kitchen later, to find Nate having a second breakfast (cheerios and milk).  This kid must be growing.  He can eat a ton of food all of a sudden.

DSC_0068 Have fun at school kids! (and mom’s)

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This looks really, really good. I seriously doubt I could get my kids to try it (well, without forcing it on them), but I would totally dig this. I think I see breakfast for dinner in our future! 🙂

I love this idea, as always!!! We don’t typically keep pita bread handy cause I bake our whole wheat bread all the time. (Although now I am getting a hinkering for an experimental baking day of pitas!) But we have figured out how to fold whole wheat tortillas to make a handy pocket in a quick second…. so this will work perfect with that! Wow!! I love it! (I already said that…. sorry.)