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Plant an Avocado {and giveaway!}

I was just sent a fun kids cooking magazine in the mail.  It’s called Chop Chop Magazine.  They had in this Fall 2010 issue a tutorial on growing an avocado plant.  I wanted to share it in honor of my love for Avocado’s!  You and your kids could start a plant right away!  What better way for your kids to connect with their food?

All you do is

  • get an avocado pit
  • Secure it so it hangs in water.
  • Put in the light.
  • You’ll have it sprout in 3-6 weeks!
  • More details are on the image.
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avocado ice cream

I’m a self proclaimed magazine junkie.  So when I saw this one for kids and cooking, I was thrilled.  It’s filled with recipes, activities and tips on eating better and getting your kids in the kitchen.

Contact info for Chop Chop:

Do you love magazines too?  The people from Chop Chop are offering one Super Healthy Kids readers a 1 year subscription to this magazine!  Leave a comment and I’ll choose a winner by Sunday Night (Oct 10)!

written by
Amy Roskelley

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Jena says:

What a fun magazine!! My kids favorite thing to do is cook with us!! I love it!! I hope I win!

Tina says:

I have kids that love to garden and cook. We would love to try out this magazine.

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Jamie M. says:

I LOVE Avacados, it would have to stay inside but I am going to try this and grow the plant.
The magazine looks great I love cooking with my kiddos in the kitchen.

Tara LaPierre says:

Me please~!

Holly says:

Would love to have that magazine for my boys!

Mandy says:

My kids and I recently planted two Avocado pits and they have both sprouted!! My 5 year old loves to be in the kitchen cooking with me! She would love to win the magazine!!

Amy says:

How fun Mandy! I’m glad to know it works!

Kimberly says:

Ooooh – I want that magazine subscription for my 8 year old. If I don’t win it I’m so going to have to buy it!!!

Melissa says:

I’d love the magazine! Sounds like fun!

Katie says:

I love to cook with my kids. Last night they cut up all the veggies for our salad and ate a bunch because they had done it :0)

Heather says:

What a great idea! My kids would love this!!!

Mary says:

I would love to win the magazine subscription. Looks fun.

Jamie says:

my kids love to “help” me make things. We often have to try out the recipes in the “High Five” magazine.

Erin says:

I’m going to sprout an avocado tonight! I’d love to win this magazine.

eliece says:

chop, chop I want it . . . and I want to grow an avacado tree ! (bush?)

Kimberli says:

My kids love to help out in the kitchen and we would love some more fun ideas. This looks like a great mag. I hope you pick me.

Vennesa says:

My daughter always gets creative and makes things with the avocado pits, but we haven’t tried to sprout one yet.
She’d love the magazine.

Katrina says:

I am always looking for fun ways to cook with my kiddos and this magazine would be a great help!

Amy says:

What a fun magazine! My daughter loves to help me cook…I would love to win this magazine.

Brooke says:

Neato! I’m going to be trying this! I think my kids (who love to help me in the kitchen) would have so much fun with these magazines.

Lisa Jackson says:

Will try growing the avocado tree. My kids love them! Looks like a fun magazine.

Holly C says:

My kids would love this. We should totally do the avocado thing, we love them too.

cathy says:

I am a magazine junky! I would LOVE to have a subscription!

Selvi says:

I love magazines! Would love to try this.

Jessica says:

My kids love to cook. What a great find! Would love to win this.

Sara K says:

I’ll have to find that magazine (assuming I don’t win!) and see what I think. Thanks for the info!

mama says:

planting avocados is fun and easy. I’ve done it many many times. I used to be a magazine junkie now I mostly get ideas around the web. I love ideas from anywhere I can get ’em.

Jenn says:

Would love to win ! My Mom grew avocado plants like this! I now have the jar she grew them in…it always sat on our kitchen windowsill! Sweet memories!

becky says:

My daughter would love this magazine!

Mary says:

This magazine just looks like a lot of fun for kids. My daughter loves helping out in the kitchen and it would be perfect for her!

Carleen says:

I would love to win.

Steva Spottswood says:

Sounds fun.

Kendra says:

My kids would love that magazine! I would love it 🙂 Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Deborah says:

I would love this!

Emily says:

Oooh I love kid magazines. I have saved every one I’ve ever bought.

MrsH says:

I’ve seen this in my doctor’s office and my eldest always begs to get to take a copy home. A great magazine!

Teri says:

My kids love to cook!

Jessie says:

I would love to win the subscription!!!

mary says:

THis magazine sound fabulous, super easy and healthy for kids

Jennifer says:

My kids love guacamole and would love this magazine!

Becky says:

This looks like such a fun magazine! I could use a little help in this dept!

Adelle F. says:

This is a great magazine for kids! Would love to win this one.

Annie says:

Cannot wait to try this…

Catherine Fennell says:

Just sent this to my hubby he is the gardener and l would love an avocado plant

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