Want healthy meals your kids will love?

Pile it High, it’s Broccoli Pot Pie!


I do not know why I bother with any type of pie. My kids simply won’t eat it, or they complain if I’m making them eat it.  They will not even try apple pie. No pie!  They hate the crust which makes me wonder who their real mother must be.  I love crust so much I will eat every bit of crust dough that I shave off the edges of my pie.  I will break off every cooked piece of crust around the entire edge after the pie comes out as well.  This is why I can never work in a bakery.

Use your own recipe for pie crust, a pre-made pie crust, or this one.

My favorite filling consists of a small amount of chicken, loads of broccoli, and a cheese sauce.  Click here for the recipe.  This meal also freezes well!  Make two and you have an extra meal for a busy night.


Since my kids do not even like apple pie, I was not surprised by their reaction to my broccoli pie.  Hopefully your kids are more pleasable.  My husband and I think it tasted great.  The flip-flopper says, “I hate this!  Why can’t we have something good like pancake puffs?”  Ever since we got the Digital Converter for our TV and got the Qubo channel, the kids have been asking to buy a Pancake Puff Pan.  My kids are easily swayed by smooth advertising. How about a commercial about broccoli pie? Anyone?

broccoli pie 2 from super healthy kids broccoli pie

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This sounds really good! My son doesn’t like apple pie – or ANY fruit dessert – either, so who knows if he’ll go for it, but he does love broccoli and he does love broccoli casserole, so maybe, just maybe…

Oooh, pancake puffs. Now those sound good…

KIDDING! Your broccoli pie looks great. I would choose that over pancake puffs any day; your kids are nuts. Who doesn’t like PIE?

oh, that sounds really good! i’m with you…i could never work in a bakery! yummmmy crust.

oh and after i read your post yesterday, all i could think about was muffins, so i made some whole wheat pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for us! yummmmm

I wish I was your neighbor so I could come and try all of your yummy dishes. I have a Japanese neighbor who makes amazing stuff as well. I have also tried using fat free cream cheese for a crust and it has worked out ok….obviously sometimes you can go too far with trying to make things healthy but it’s worth a shot. yesterday I added tomatoes to the morning banana strawberry shake. Didn’t go over too well.

My kids are begging for the pancake puffs too. Even my 4yo says “look mom, you can put chocolate in them too!” The broccoli pis sounds delish, I think most of my kids would actually like it – the other ones can have cereal!

Cathy, I love it when kids LOVE broccoli! Your a good mom.
Emily, do you have a pancakes puff pan we can borrow? Natalie, I wish you were my neighbor, I need some pumpkin muffins! Maybe we could open a bakery together, but have other people work there for us. Vanessa, you do not want to be my neighbor. I usually pawn off all my junk food on my neighbors. But tomatoes in a smooth I’ll have to try. We have tons of tomatoes right now.
Lisa! broccoli pis does NOT sound good, your right!!! lol

My kids are always talking about those stupid pancake puffs. About how delicious they are. And even KIDS like them. On and on and on…Now my kids are trying to sell me on the other Qubo informercials, like space bags. One of my boys recently said, “Mom, do you know what you need? A Smart Clip! It clips onto your phone so you will never drop it again.” It’s scary how they can recite the commercials word for word.

I think your broccoli pie looks delicious. Broccoli is the one food my kids eat happily (can I have more broccoli please? yes, after you finish your pasta and chicken.) I think it will be a hit with my kids.

Oh Whitney, It is scary how many info-mercials have convinced my kids we need certain things. Maybe you do need a smart clip! lol

Hilarious! My kids HATE the pancake puffs commercial. They’re like, “This is the worst commercial ever.” But, they do fancy the Mogo, which is this lame scooter with a big bike tire for the front wheel. They tell me, “It comes with a t-shirt and a WATER BOTTLE!!!”
Anyway, broccoli pie sounds so sick…just the name, I mean. But the recipe sounds good. I’m going to try it.

IF you’re actually interested in a “pancake puff” pan, there are REAL ones called Aebleskiver Pans I found on Amazon. We might be having them for breakfast Christmas morning 😉

Same 4yo also said I should get a “smot kip.” It took us a few DAYS to figure out she was saying smart clip. She wanted me to put it on my Christmas list-love the girl!

Maybe qubo isn’t such a great influence (or maybe I let my kids watch too much TV!)

Beth, don’t you know, “sick” means cool now. You need to watch more TV
Lisa;I’ll have to check out the real pan. Your 4 year old sounds hilarious. My daughter wanted me to get some sort of mop/ broom thing because then I wouldn’t have to clean so much…. It would do the cleaning for me.